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Toward Greater Achievement

September 30, 2010

Inner Flames Press seeks to raise $5000 in support of Childrens’ Meal Mission. Join us in the ONE THOUSAND MEAL TOUR.  For every booklet sold, we will donate one meal.


Some view history as a record of human achievement.  It details humanity’s learning curve.  Through intimate letters, handmade cooking items and stone monuments our Ancestors documented what worked and what did not work.  This is our inheritance: we do not have to re-invent the wheel; the road-maps to every form of achievement are already written.

The time spent – making yourself familiar with the other personalities who have made the achievements you wish to emulate – is priceless. It is the difference between success and failure – literally. For example, everyone in the NBA is a good athlete, however, only a handful are great.  And, we are talking about highly skilled and disciplined individuals – who would destroy we mortals if we dared step onto a basketball court. The difference between the GREAT and the good is not that much.  Studying those who are called great provides us invaluable insight.  By imitating them, we too can be great.

In Search of Respect. By the time he was born, Bobby Kennedy felt that the Kennedy gene-pool was completely depleted.  His eldest brother, Joe, captured the majority of the athletic prowess and intelligence.  His second older brother, John, absorbed most of the good looks and charisma.  This left, little brother Bobby, with an abundance of mediocrity. None of his individual traits made him stand out.

Yet, Bobby Kennedy lived in a hyper-competitive household. Daddy Kennedy was the hard-driving son of a politician, who was ever-conscious of his minority-status as an Irish-American Catholic.  At every opportunity, Daddy Kennedy sought greater achievement and distinction.  He instilled this same unquenchable drive in his children.

What was Bobby to do?  How could he compete against his brothers with no natural gifts?  Bobby did what any child in his situation would do: he became STRONG where his brothers were WEAK.  Combining the human universal principles of TIME, ENERGY and INTELLIGENCE, Bobby Kennedy decided to become tough.  No matter what happened to him, mentally or physically, he chose to keep moving, like a juggernaut.

Considering his family’s reputation, Bobby had to work hard at being tough.  After all, Daddy Kennedy lettered in Yale football.

When Bobby entered Yale, he learned that his neither one of his big brothers lettered in football.  Bobby sensed this was his opportunity.  He made it his definite major purpose to get that letterl.  Towards this end, he committed himself to arrive one hour before practice and stay one hour after practice. During practice he played like it was the Super Bowl every down.

Bobby Kennedy effectively competed against some of America’s most talented players.  He did so through sheer grit.  Late in the season he suddenly collapsed on the field.  Bobby Kennedy was so tough, he broke his leg and completed three more plays before passing out from the pain.

The next day he showed up for practice in a cast.

Needless to say, Bobby Kennedy earned his letter in Yale football.  And he earned the respect he secretly craved inside his aggressive brotherhood.  To achieve such respect, in the face of all obstacles, Bobby used what talent he did possess to achieve his self-defined goal.

This is a fine example of the achievement process.  Many others exist.  One characteristic persons of high achievement share is: the love of biography. They devour the emotional detail of other great achievers.

Now, go forth and act like you can live your dream.

Kokayi Nosakhere is an Anchorage-based community activist dedicated to ending child hunger by 2015. Between Oct.1 – Dec. 31, 2010 he is conducting the ONE THOUSAND MEAL TOUR in support of Children’s Meal Mission operated by George Bell inside the Mountain View Boys and Girls Club.  He seeks to raise $5000 by selling copies of his booklet, START WHERE YOU ARE, and motivational presentations. If you desire to contact Kokayi Nosakhere please email him at


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