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The Moment of FAITH

October 1, 2010

Find a need and fill it. Overwhelmed!  In the face of a social ill the majority of people feel overwhelmed.  Where do we begin?  How do we tackle such a huge problem?  Such questions reflect emotions powerful enough to overcome the most resilient optimist.

Stephanie Santos in Anchorage endorses ending child hunger by 2015!

When the subject of child hunger is brought up, that is how most people respond; they are overwhelmed.  The numbers being reported by governmental agencies don’t help.

  • 16.7 million children are hungry in the United States of America.
  • 33,000 children are hungry in the State of Alaska.
  • 13,910 children are hungry in the City of Anchorage.
  • 1,154 children are hungry in the neighborhood of Mountain View.

However, as true for every problem, a solution exists.  Among us are those who are not overwhelmed by the problem because they can see the solution.  After analyzing the data, these brave souls pick a point of reference and begin implementing the solution with the resources that are available.

To the amazement of those who remain overwhelmed, the brave soul succeeds – against all odds.

Solutions require courage. George Bell is a brave soul who can see a solution to child hunger in Mountain View.  As a professional cook and father, the solution became apparent to him the moment he was exposed to the problem.  The solution was: a steaming pot of red beans and rice.

Reaching into his pocket – just like Nobel Peace Prize winner, Muhammad Yunus did in the 1970s – George Bell purchased some food, called a friend, and began feeding hungry children inside the Mountain View Boys and Girls Club.

With very little help from the city, state or federal government, George Bell has built up the program to serving 30 meals in the morning and 70 meals at night.  He was one volunteer.

It is time to help George Bell become sustainable.  Towards that end, community activist, Kokayi Nosakhere called a few friends. The goal is to institutionalize George Bell and the simple solution to child hunger that he represents.

We have initiated the process.  1) We listened to our Elders, who suggested that find a non-profit to shelter George. When we knocked on the doors of non-profits, we discovered that they, like most people, are overwhelmed.  The solution we presented appeared too simple to address the problem. Undaunted, we moved to the next step.  2) We filled out the paperwork for a 501 (c) 3 to provide our own shelter.  We made phone calls and asked prominent individuals to serve on a Board.  Then, we learned, that the process will take a year to cement.  The Federal government cannot be rushed.  Undaunted, we are moving to the next step.  3) Being a community activist, Kokayi Nosakhere authored a booklet entitled, START WHERE YOU ARE

Tim Wise - a brave soul - endorses ending child hunger by 2015!

.  It sells for $7.50 on the internet and $10 in person.  From the sale of each booklet, Nosakhere can donate the cost of one meal to George Bell.  He seeks to raise $5000, which will cover the cost of 1000 meals.  We have three months.

If YOU are not overwhelmed; if YOU can envision an America committed to feeding all of its children; if YOU share the optimism of a brave soul, then, I implore YOU to:

  1. Purchase a booklet. Invite Kokayi Nosakhere to your office, club or church to speak on how to address child hunger.
  2. Inspire your office, club or church to conduct a Peanut Butter Drive and donate the peanut butter to Food Bank of Alaska for distribution.
  3. Endorse the ending of child hunger by taking a picture with a cardboard sign which reads: END CHILD HUNGER and send it to  The more pictures we have the less overwhelmed people will be.

A community activist is a brave soul who stubbornly clings to the belief – in the face of all odds – that when given the opportunity humanity will do the right thing.  Brothers and Sisters, here is our opportunity. JOIN US!!

Kokayi Nosakhere can be reached at 907-884-4710 or at

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