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Street Demonstration on Tuesday!

December 17, 2010

Few words can describe the courage it takes to lead the fight against hunger in the state of Alaska.  The two years that I spent at Food Bank of Alaska taught me how difficult it is to secure funding, store/transport food and communicate the need for greater assistance from legislators asking non-profits to do more with less. Yet, day in and day out, Food Bank of Alaska does just that – with less than 30 employees – at ANY given time.

Three days before Thanksgiving, the courageous crew of less than 30 employees – at ANY given time – provided 6,136 families a 55 pound box of food.  Of course, this was done with a whole lot of support from the community, specifically the Faith Community.

Next week, Food Bank of Alaska is going to do it all over again for the 2010 GIFT event. Usually about 2000 less families receive food, however, toys are added. This slows the process, however, it remains true to the spirit of the holiday.

I am impressed. I am more than impressed; in fact, I am inspired. Today, I took time out to call Food Bank of Alaska at 272-3663 to tell them that, despite the challenges they face, they have friends in the community who want them to hang in there.  It would be memorable if you took time out of your day to do the same.  You have no idea how valuable such words of encouragement are.

Due to my current work schedule, I will not be able to join my friends at Food Bank of Alaska for 2010 GIFT. Instead, I will join a fellow community organizer named Stephanie Santos.  She is organizing a street demonstration in support of feeding ALL 33,000 Alaskan children.

On Tuesday, December 21 (WINTER SOLTICE) be on at Lake Otis and Tudor with a cardboard sign which reads: END CHILD HUNGER: Feed Children by 2015 America.  We plan to take out all four sections of the intersection for 15 minutes.

Why? Not because I enjoy the Alaskan winter and think that15 minutes in 3 degree weather is my idea of a fun time. Nooooo! I will be there because the idea of a child going hungry in a state where the governor wants to spend $11.1 billion for the next fiscal budget breaks my heart. I feel compelled to do everything within my power to bring attention to the 2 out of 5 children inside the Anchorage School District who are hungry.

And, for those who do not know, school is on break starting tomorrow, 12/17/2010. Which means 13,910 children in Anchorage will be on day 5 of hunger – against their will.  That idea inspire a tear from my eye.

Yes. That is why I will be there.

Will you?

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