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How YOU Can Help (in Alaska)!

January 12, 2011

As we speak, in Anchorage, Alaska, a courage thing is happening.  Young people are organizing.  They are spearheading a “Letter Campaign” to ensure passage of (ALASKA) SENATE BILL 3.  Proposed by SENATOR BILL WIELECHOWSKI, Senate Bill 3, is a bi-partisan measure which provides “additional” State funding for school meals.  The Bill authorizes 15 cents for Lunch and 35 cents for Breakfast.  This is good for several reasons.

1)      It provides IMMEDIATE funds to the Anchorage School District. The subject of finances usually inspires the question: “Why is the government doing this?” The government is doing this, because we legally require children to attend school. If the government demands that they attend, the government is obligated to feed the children. This explanation has been around since 1784.  Now, politically, this is not the time to talk about WHAT the school district feeds our children.  The discussion over WHAT the Anchorage School District feeds our children is reserved for School Board meetings and City Assembly presentations. Right now, with the State Legislature in session, what we need to do is make sure the money is there to spend for us to discuss at School Board meetings and City Assembly presentations – later.

2)      In Anchorage 13,910 children need this funding. In Mountain View alone, the ASD reported that 1,154 children filled out “Free/Reduced Lunch and Breakfast” forms.  That means, 1,154 children live in households which qualify for this subsidy.  Without the opportunity of these two meals, these children are hungry! Recently, they were hungry during Christmas Break (December 17, 2010 – January 3, 2011.) This hunger was interrupted only by an annual event, GIFT, organized by Food Bank of Alaska.

3)      Such funding encourages new feeding programs. The By2015:AMERICA movement is currently supporting George Bell and the Children’s Meal Mission (CMM) in attaining its 501(c)3. The paperwork has been submitted. The fees have been paid. We are waiting on the Federal government to do what they do. We have a board. We operate out of the Mountain View Boys and Girls Club. While CMM will not receive any funding from such a Bill, it directly contributes to CMM’s mission: to eliminate child hunger by directly feeding children.

How you can help!

1) Contact us and receive a “Letter” through email. Please (physically) print-off this “Letter,” sign and complete it and a) fax it to Senator Bill Wielechowski’s office (907-465-6615), or b) drop the letter off at the LIO – 269-0111. 716 W 4th Ave Ste 200 –  to be scanned/faxed to Juneau. This is the fastest and most inexpensive method to get your letter received by the Legislature. For a copy of the letter email us at

2) Inspire 5 other people to complete a “Letter.” You know more people than you give yourself credit for.  They exist inside your office. They are your family members. They are your friends, whom you have over on a regular basis to “chill” or relax with.  In your family/friend base, within a week, you can easily collect 5 letters to submit in support of this Bill.

3) Attend The Dr. King event on Jan. 17 at 3 pm. Join us on Monday, January 17, 2011 at the MountainView Boys and Girls Club.  Watch the PBS special, “Citizen King,” with a discussion on “Politics in Low Engagement Communities” facilitated by Leo Josey, III (local poet, Free Thought the Black Verb.)  We will create a plan to use “The Five Steps to Political Power” to achieve our objective of ensuring passage of Senate Bill 3.  Beginning at 5 pm., By2015:AMERICA will “canvass,” or knock on doors, seeking to inspire Mt. View citizens to complete 200 letters.

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  1. February 23, 2011 3:04 am

    Good job Kokayi!

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