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August 8, 2011

PEACE. Proper Education Always Corrects Errors!

Innovative Programmer - Justice Born

I go by the name of Justice Born, b.u.t. also known as “Just Be.” I’m from the North Shore region of Massachusetts and my
work is done mostly around Lynn, Peabody and Salem.

As an activist, Hip Hop promoter, event planner, barber and student of life –  I pretty much have an idea what’s going on in the local community! Not everything, but I know the basics and some of the more important issues. I know there’s homeless people living behind banks and in abandoned homes, some even on the train tracks down the street from where I live. I know there’s hungry people that live in the streets and hungry people that aren’t homeless. I also know I can’t afford to feed everyone or house everyone yet I know what needs to be done to help. I know what I can do and that’s take positive action.

Recently, I decided to engage local artists in some Hip Hop activism, with the hope that they would become more proactive in their immediate community – by using their talents and abilities for the best use possible and for the greater good. By organizing and promoting an Open Mic & Food Drive once a month and calling it “Reap What You Flow“, I figure this is another step in a positive direction. It’s not just an event however. It’s a concept that I hope takes root in the minds of many.

Everyone can do something and everyone can give something. Whether its time, energy or expertise, you’re needed somewhere. There’s certainly a lot of work to do and while its always good to help people even when you’re not in the public view, if you have their attention, try to set a good example. That might just inspire and motivate on a large scale. Can you imagine the domino effect of positive action? Well what are you waiting for? This is just an one example of what
I’m doing to make justice born in my area.

“Reap What You Flow” SPREAD THE WORD!!
(Next date is August 25th at 9pm)

@ Bangkok Paradise
Thai Restaurant & Sushi Bar
90 Washington St Salem, MA

Come out and support a positive Hip Hop event while helping your local
community & a national grassroots movement to end child hunger in the US by 2015!

The best part is… there’s NO COVER!

Here’s your chance to rock the Mic [Sign up by 10:30]
*2 song maximum

We’re looking for MC’s with some substance in their lyrics.
Keep in mind, talent scouts, promoters and producers will most likely be in the building.

3) B-boys & B-girls are welcome!

4) Hosted by Justice Born (of the WRECK SHOP MOVEMENT)
DJ G-Com (of Optimust Rhyme State) will be spinning Hip Hop throughout the night.

5) *** A raffle ticket will be given away for every non-perishable food item brought in.
Throughout the night we’ll pull tickets and raffle off a bunch of cool prizes! (CD’s, Art, a pair of size 10 Air Forces & more)

6) *** Food donations will be picked up by Harvest of Hope food pantry the following morning at the venue. Harvest of Hope is located on 13 Franklin St in Salem.


The campaign to end child hunger by 2015 was started in Anchorage, Alaska by Kokayi Nosakhere who is also known as Royal Star Allah among the Nation of Gods & Earths. For more information on this movement and how you can get involved visit:​form/

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  1. ~Sil in Corea permalink
    January 15, 2012 4:43 pm

    Good Luck, friend! I hope you get a terrific turnout every month! You’re doing a very compassionate thing there.

    I’m originally from up the road a piece, Maine, although I’m working in South Korea now…after being unemployed for close to 5 years. I know what you are doing is desperately needed.

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