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General Statement to (Alaska) America

January 3, 2012

GENERAL STATEMENT TO (Alaska)AMERICA (Click on the link for the Audio Version of this Message.)

My name is Kokayi Nosakhere. I am a community activist and I approve of this message.

Kokayi Nosakhere, Lead Coordinator of the By2015:AMERICA Movement

Some studies, ones that I, due to the Nature of the experiments, could not have participated in, discovered that a newborn child dies within three days if it does not experience a loving touch.  The experience of being apart of the complex web called humanity is so necessary – an invitation so to speak into said experience is crucial – so crucial that a child dies without touch.

So, the mother inviting the child into the living Being of Humanity wants to provide the child with the resources necessary to self-actualize. This is represented by mother’s milk: a sweet, enriching substance which emanates from the mother’s body, just like the Baby did. In common language we call Mother’s Milk: food.

Food – in the context of Mother’s Milk – means emotional comfort. It means “I love you.” It means, “You are wanted and welcome here.” At the highest quality we can reach in our imagination we hope the Baby feels something akin to the idea, “You can feel safe here.”

Around the world, the United Nations estimates 66 million children do not feel safe within the web of humanity because they do not have access to sufficient food. In the United Statesthe USDA tries to feed 19.5 million American children every school day. According to Share Our Strength’s President,BillShore, 10 million of the children eligible for school feeding programs do not access them. InAlaska, the number of children eligible for School Breakfast and Lunch is 51,000. InAnchorage, it’s 13,910. In my Beloved Fairview, 400 out of 475 students qualify for free and reduced School Breakfast and Lunch.

How safe do those babies feel experiencing hunger? What investment into their humanity are we making?  What kind of humanity are we “raising up”? Where one out of four children face the threat of nutritional deficiency sufficient to nurture the genius which lies within them?

I cannot stand by and allow a generation of American children to grow up unable to access the American Dream of Self-Actualization because they were not fed when their brains were growing. According to a standard given to me by Minister Malcolm X it would be criminal for me to stand by with all the privilege I have been given and keep my mouth shut.

I completed high school. I attended college. I was blessed to present myself at the Million Man March. I witnessed Barack Obama on the campaign trail in 2008 at the National Urban League’s convention. I served as Food Bank ofAlaska’s third Food Stamp Outreach Coordinator. I’ve been shaped and molded in the complex web of humanity and I feel too privileged to stand pregnant with solution to a problem and not deliver it unto the Planet Earth.

Join us in addressing child hunger in theUnited Statesby 2015. This is not just a movement of people – this is THE CAUSE of THIS GENERATION!

You can contact us at or 907-884-4710.

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  1. Nick permalink
    January 3, 2012 8:52 pm

    You are a true leader of our time Kokayi choosing to lead by example. We all have a responsibility to step up and act on behalf of the voiceless in our country.

    Our children and future generations thank you more than you’ll know!

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