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The Example of A Brave Soul

February 15, 2012

Day EIGHT of the Juneau Hunger Strike (2/14/2012)

Journalist and historian Taylor Branch explained Minister Malcolm X’s investigative style in part two of his seminal trilogy. In “Pillar of Fire: America in the King Years, 1963-65” he wrote that Malcolm was unfailingly polite, no matter how rude the person in front of him was. He was patient, yet persistent.  Once he was given an assignment, the Brother Minister did everything within his power to accomplish it.

Minister Malcolm X is one of Kokayi Nosakhere’s heroes. He was inspired today to live up to the example set over 40 years ago.

At, or approximately at, 7:46 am the Lead Coordinator of the By2015:AMERICA Movement visited Representative Anna Fairclough’s (R – Eagle River) office.  She is the Vice-Chair of the Alaska House Finance Committee.  Two young, attractive legislative aides greeted me. One was male. One was female. The female did most of the talking, while the male laughed at the interaction.

Kokayi Nosakhere smiled broadly and introduced himself.  Despite a tremendous amount of news coverage of the January 3, 2012 Press Conference, neither aide admitted knowing who the Lead Coordinator was. He stated clearly that he desired to meet with the Representative concerning Senate Bill 3 being scheduled for an up or down vote on the House Floor.  Until this is accomplished, the Lead Coordinator is on a hunger strike.

“How is that working for you?” the female aide asked.

“Great,” Nosakhere said.  “What do we have? 60 some odd more days of Session. I’m going to be here!”

The female aide informed Nosakhere that Rep. Fairclough is out of town. She will not return until Thursday, the 16th.

The Lead Coordinator asked if a meeting time was available.  He was told that one was not.  Unfortunately, the Representative plans to be in and out. She has a district meeting to attend on Friday, which is out of town.

Nosakhere asked about the Monday coming up. The aide said, “You mean Tuesday the 28th?” Nosakhere blinked, then nodded. “No. Sorry. The Finance Committee is going to start double meetings in the morning and the evening.”

“Okay,” Nosakhere said. “I guess I will have to see here in Committee meeting.”  The Lead Coordinator smiled and added, “You should read my blog.”

The meeting ended at, or approximately at, 7:48 am.

Leaving the Fifth floor of the Capital Building, Nosakhere traveled to the basement, where the Press Room exists.  At, or approximately at, 7:58 am he spoke to two gentlemen, who did not identify themselves as reporters.  From their suggestion, messages were left on the desk of Channel 2 and the Anchorage Daily News.  The Lead Coordinator left the Press Room at, or approximately at, 8:01 am.

At, or approximately at, 8:05 am Nosakhere attended a House State Affairs Committee Meeting.  All members were present, with Rep. Bob Lynn (R – Anchorage) as Chair.  An extensive conversation (see Gavel to Gavel) was had on HB 190. The Bill defines “allowable absences” from the State under the PFD program. The conversation ended at, or approximately at, 8:42 am.

Representative Les Gara (D – Anchorage) presented his Bill, House Resolution 33, which is co-sponsored by Rep. Chris Tuck (D – Anchorage) and Rep. Lindsey Holmes (D – Anchorage.)  The Bill is designed to address Corporate Personhood by requesting Congress amend the Constitution of the United States.  Gara began at, or approximately at, 8:46 am.

Due to a meeting with Pastor Sue Bahelda of Resurrection Lutheran Church, Nosakhere left the Committee meeting at, or approximately at, 9:18 am.

He ran downstairs to return to the Press Room. At, or approximately at, 9:20 am he met Channel 2’s Jason Lamb, who acknowledged the message left earlier. The reporter stated that he had a full plate today (Tuesday), however, he was interested in the story. A business card was given and Nosakhere left the Press Room at, or approximately at, 9:22 am.

At, or approximately at, 9:48 am the Lead Coordinator had a delightful meeting with Pastor Sue, who is a committed anti-hunger warrior. He learned many insights into the unique challenges facing the Juneau community.  Nosakhere introduced two concepts. On 2/29/2012 the Movement would like to conduct a Prayer Service and Peanut Butter Drive. Pastor Sue loved both ideas and invited the Lead Coordinator to a Ministerial meeting held this Thursday at 8:30 am. Nosakhere accepted the invitation.

At, or approximately at, 10:46 am the meeting ended.  Nosakhere returned to the Capital building to visit Rep. Max Gruenberg (D – Anchorage), who was meeting with Alaska’s Attorney General at, or approximately at, 11:02 am.  The Lead Coordinator met from 11:12 am until at, or approximately at, 11:36 am.

Rep. Gruenberg referred Nosakhere to Rep. Cathy Munoz’s (R-Juneau) office. The Lead Coordinator met with her aide, a wonderful man at, or approximately at, 11:40 am. Rep. Munoz has sponsored a companion Bill to Senate Bill 3. Communication between her and the House Finance Committee has occurred. No success. The meeting ended at, or approximately at, 11:44 am.

Still moving, the Lead Coordinator visited Senator Johnny Ellis’s (D – Anchorage) office to ask for a meeting at, or approximately at, 11:47 am. The Senator was present. Nosakhere shook his hand and the Senator quipped, “We can meet over lunch.” Everyone enjoyed a round of laughter. Senator Ellis is an old friend. Nosakhere worked with him on increasing Alaska’s minimum wage a few years back.

The day finally slowed down, which was good. After all, the Lead Coordinator has not eaten in 8 days and he needs to conserve his strength.

The By2015:AMERICA Movement's "Humanity Poster"

Nosakhere visited the Capital City Weekly at, or approximately at, 11:52 am to notify a reporter that he was in town and on a hunger strike. The meeting ended at, or approximately at, 11:56 pm.

His last act was to connect with Juneau activist Christina Mounce and constructed a 2 minute video, which he marketed over facebook to a warm reception.

In other words, the Movement is not playing. Kokayi Nosakhere was heard saying, “I shall not fail these children. We either succeed, or die trying.”

Then he added, “I wonder if the Brother Minister would be proud of today’s activities?”

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  1. Elstun W Lauesen permalink
    February 15, 2012 12:22 pm

    The Brother Minister Is proud…

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