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The Juneau Organizer Speaks

March 14, 2012

Christina Mounce, Juneau Organizer for By2015:AMERICA Movement

My name is Christina Mounce and I am the Juneau organizer for the By2015: AMERICA Movement.

Across America, it has been a common motif that the decisions made by the few with money dictate the priorities of our government. This inherently determines the lives and the opportunities of  We, the citizens. Unfortunately, the actions I have witnessed during the 27th Legislature here in Juneau are no exception.

It has become increasingly apparent that Mr. Stoltze would rather pad the pockets of BP, Conocco Philips and Exxon than provide Alaskan public school children with lunches.  Valuable bills have been stalled in committee this session in order for our Legislatures to argue  a Corporate Entitlement program that would only benefit the upper rings of society. The needs  of out of state Corporate interests have eclipsed the needs of Alaskan residents.

Some people in this state believe that the rich are entitled to tax breaks and special treatment while American citizens believe that children are entitled to school meals. The enemies of democracy are fear, ignorance and apathy; not activism. The flip-flop that occurred over SB3 at the hands of Mr. Bill Stoltze shows that Rep Stoltze can not handle the pressure and stress of being in a leadership role. Unfortunately, this has left the House Finance Committee with a deficit of leadership. This obvious lack of leadership in one of the most powerful Committee’s in our state government hinders the maximum benefit of all.

Unfortunately, the machine that is the Alaskan state government is lubricated by special favors and deals amongst Representatives. For example, I had to suffer through hearing Rep. Wes Keller propose a constitutional amendment that would take State money and put it towards private – religious school scholarships. This was torture, because I knew this bill had no chance of making it through the Legislature, but was being heard over SB3, a practical bill that would’ve only taken mere minutes to be read and voted on. Again, all we are asking for is for SB3 to be heard in the House Finance Committee.

The only explanation Stoltze gives for not scheduling the bill is that he doesn’t want to fund “entitlement programs.” Well, I believe that children in our great state are entitled to eat just as Stoltze believes that the three major oil companies in our state are entitled to billions of dollars in tax breaks.

Such hypocrisy is lost on many members of the Legislature. Unfortunately, the ability to form complex ideas or understand numbers is not a pre-requisite for being an elected official. This has been demonstrated in the Legislature time and time again. However, I would like to point out that there are good, decent people on the Legislature who are brave enough to stand up for what’s right and what will truly benefit Alaskans. To these Representatives, I would like to say thank you. I would also like to thank the brave citizens who sat in the House Finance Committee meetings despite the fact that Rep Stoltze has been known to lose his temper and cause property damage within the Capital Building.

To Mr. Stotlze, I would like to urge you, Sir, to stop flip-flopping or playing tedious political games when the genius of Alaska is hanging in the balance. Unfortunately, those hurt the most by Mr. Stoltze’s actions are the most vulnerable amongst us – Alaska’s children.

Our government is a Representative Democracy. But, right now our best interests are not being expressed. There are some very powerful people within our state Government that choose not to represent our State’s best interests. Some politicians have allowed themselves to become so isolated from the reality of Alaskan families, that they have forgotten what their job is and who they’re supposed to represent. In response, I would like to rally the Alaskan people, it is time to take our Democracy back. It is time to take our state back. Do not let these politicians bully or intimidate you. Be brave and stand up for what you know is right.

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