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To Experiment With Truth

April 18, 2012

Greatness Lies Within YOU

Contrary to popular opinion, “secrets” do not exist, especially in regards to experiencing a sense of fulfillment or achieving success.  Centuries ago our Ancestors “discovered” principles which produce desired results, with almost mathematical certainty, if consistently applied to any condition we want to change.  The great men and women who dominate our history books are those who received these principles and adhered to them faithfully, day in and day out.    Armed with these principles, you too can experience fulfillment or success.This is such an important point, it bears repeating.  You and I do not have to entertain “myths,” “fantasies,” or “magic” to understand how to get the most out of this Life.  No mystery exists!

The great men and women our society honors were / are no better human beings than you and I.  They were / are flesh and blood.  Some possessed more deficiencies, such as President Thomas Jefferson, who stuttered.  Some were ugly; others frail-looking.  Most were like Henry Ford, just plain stubborn.  A few (like Dr. Martin Luther King) descended into great depressions and even doubted God.  Yet all acted from the belief that good exists and more good could come their way.

In this series, we here at By2015:AMERICA review the inner urge we all feel to do more and be more and the principles that lead to the fulfillment of this urge.

As a society, we marvel at anyone expressing their talent in a way that we can appreciate and enjoy.  Whether it is Kobe Bryant dazzling us on the basketball court or Justin Timberlake singing us our latest memory, we become enthralled with the gift they choose to share with the world.

For those brief moments, when we allow the spectacular Denzel Washington to direct our dreams and show us what lies within the realm of human possibility, we share in the collective artistic genius.  Yes, we know that we cannot dance like Chris Brown or box like Floyd Mayweather Jr., because our developed interests are in different fields of endeavor, but we can imagine displaying our gifts at the perfected level of these popular superstars.

Whenever you and I allow ourselves to talk about our dream; the ideal experience we nurture away from reality, a smile, warmed by an inner flame, decorates our face.  Our eyes twinkle.  Energy flows.  We find ourselves excited.  A little courage even inspires us to make an attempt to realize that ideal experience.

For a brief moment, instead of being entertained, we entertain the idea that we possess a genius worthy of public display.    Inspired, we can dance magnificently or impress nations with our statesmanship; we can make a lasting contribution or English literature or revitalize a dying art-form.  In other words, we are equal to the display of talent we just witnessed!  We marvel at ourselves and say: I am great, too.

But the moment passes.  The movie ends.  The MVP is crowned.  The song is replaced by a more popular one.  People stop talking about that certain book that captured your attention.  As the hypnotic spell dissipates, so does your enthusiasm and desire to realize that ideal experience.

You sober up.  “Reality” sets in.  The conversation you have with yourself becomes negative, not the Main Street parade announcer’s booming voice.  You begin to compare yourself to Kobe Bryant and Denzel Washington.  You tell yourself they had opportunities you never had the chance to say “yes” or “no” to.  Or, you say, it’s too late to begin chasing a pipe-dream.  Or, you rationalize giving up by saying, you don’t have the money or the connections or the time.

By now, any excuse will do.

So, you settle into the old routine.

And the ideal experience remains an unfulfilled dream.

You can attain what you heart truly desires

Please believe us!  The “pop” you feel whenever your favorite pop culture superstar is on a magazine cover at the grocery store is NOT AN ACCIDENT.  That “pop” means something.  If the ability to capture attention through the use of the gift expressed by the superstar wasn’t inside you too, the “pop” wouldn’t occur.  The “pop” is vital feedback.

In 1948 a mystic named Ernest Holmes wrote, “You, like all others, are seeking the joy of living.  You wish to be needed, to be loved, to be included in the great drama of life.  This urge is in every individual.  It is in everything.  The rose exists to express beauty.  Root and branch conspire with nature to give birth to blossom.  An artist will starve in his garret that he may chisel an angelic form from a slab of marble, compelling the unyielding substance to accept his breath of creation.

“Not only human beings, but everything in nature is endowed with this creative urge.  When moisture is precipitated the desert receives it with gladness and breaks forth into a song of creation.  Making the most of its brief season, it blossoms in joy, storing within its blossom the seed of a future flowering.  It is impossible to escape this creative urge.  Everything must find fulfillment or perish.” (This Thing Called You, pg. 1)

I must be about MY business.  “Everything must find fulfillment or perish.”  This last sentence should cause you alarm and drive you to action!  It echoes the words of Humanity’s greatest teachers.  Here is a principle: outside of accepting the good Life has in store for you, fulfillment is not possible.  You must open yourself up to the possibility that you are genius beyond measure and move with confidence toward expressing this genius.  This message is black and white.  No gray area exists.  It is a do or don’t mandate that none can escape.

Brothers and Sisters, regret is not an option.  Upon the field of life we are to expend all our resources toward achieving our ideal experience.  With every fiber of your consciousness you should daily affirm, “That which I seek is seeking me.” (Holmes, pg. 72)

The “pop” you experience whenever that particular song is played over the radio is the creative urge of Life trying to get your attention.  It is a signpost along this journey telling you which way to go.  That “pop” is saying “draw near.”

The trick is getting yourself to believe that the “pop” is for real; that you are not daydreaming, but experiencing reality.  You are great!  Your circumstances may not reflect this greatness, just yet.  But, as soon as you begin moving toward your greatness, your circumstances will begin reflecting that greatness.

Remember, nothing is outside the reach of the person who has learned to believe in themselves.   You have been given a dream – an ideal experience to realize – move on it!  Do not hesitate.  On this plane of existence, actions are rewarded – not words.

Leave the state of negative thinking behind!  Choose not to affirm within your being that you lack the financial resources or network connections to manifest the dream Life has given you.  This is not your job.

Choose not to affirm within your being that no plan exists to direct you step-by-step towards your goal.  Again, this is not your job.  Take a step – any step, right or wrong – and a mentor will present himself to guide you.  But, the teacher cannot come unless the student is ready.  By doing everything you already know to do, you are signaling to the teacher that you are ready.

Choose not to affirm within yourself that you do not possess the talents and abilities necessary to achieve your aspirations.  This is almost laughable.  The scriptures are clear.  The great majority of the prophets felt inadequate for the tasks given them, yet each task was completed.  You are no different.  Only the times have changed.

We here at  By2015:AMERICA want you to achieve your dreamsIn fact, we believe it is necessary for us to do everything within our power to help you achieve your dreams?  Why?  By helping you complete your assignment it ensures we are able to complete ours.  After all, we are apart of one society!  What affects you, affects me.  Whatever is good for you is good for me.

Now, go out there and embrace the vision Life is urging you to experience.  I am in need of your gift!


Written by the Lead Coordinator of the By2015:AMERICA Movement, Kokayi Nosakhere

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  1. April 18, 2012 5:46 pm

    This is fresh breath into my lungs. This is magic embodying reality, it’s like your reading my mail, it’s like you [writer] knew I’ve been thinking and tearing and praying and daydreaming aboutnsuch matters. Thus the proof, the “pop” is indeed in all of us and it is for REAL. Thank you. I needed this.

  2. Aurelio Santos permalink
    April 18, 2012 6:52 pm

    Definitely true. Everyone should go after their dreams knowing that they will be able to achieve.

  3. Selfmadebang permalink
    April 20, 2012 1:25 am

    Great Build to Add-on……..! From start to finish…. So needed… Thought u was alone on this thx for sharing…… Now let’s gooooo !

  4. Vericia Miller permalink
    April 24, 2012 10:17 pm

    Very well written and so true. Postive affirmations are so important. Ones words start off as just that….words, but then you begin to actually believe them, which creates the reality you are seeking. That’s the part that stood out for me. Once again, well said, thank you.

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