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A New Political Man – Hon.George Martinez

June 24, 2012

Hon.George Martinez

He is a question mark.  His facebook name is The Hon.George Martinez.  It is one of many monikers, as Martinez is able to walk in many worlds. So, astute of a statesman is he that the US Ambassador utilizes his services in Latin America.

A recent article in the Village Voice failed to acknowledge the unique genius that is the man named George “Rithm” Martinez.  The writer for the Village Voice article choose to “document” George instead of represent George. You see, it’s hard to describe what  George “Rithm” Martinez is. He is part community organizer; part MC.  He takes “conscious hip hop” to the next level.  And is trying to provide the sound track as the adventure plays out.

Nick Pinto documents side one of the man by writing, “Martinez, 38, dapper in a brown suit, with a shaved head and rimless glasses, doesn’t have a campaign office, just a folding table stocked with literature. His scheduled appearance at the senior center on 53rd Street was delayed by a fire drill, and Martinez knows better than to try to hold residents’ attention during lunchtime.”- Village Voice, June 13, 2012

This video expresses side two of the man.

George Martinez is magnetic.  He is one of those special people who actually reads a How-to book and does what the book said to do. It’s amazing how far the fundamentals will get you. Along the way, Martinez has learned to listen to the small voice within.  Call it, Jiminy Cricket; your conscious.  Go spiritual and call it God. Your inner center.

George listens and obeys – THAT. Continuously.

That’s why his crazy ideas work.  Like running for office as an “Occupy Wall Street” candidate.  Meaning, he using nothing but grassroots structures.

For some, his candidacy reeks of co-option, representing a textbook example of the ways a corrupt, broken system recuperates and metabolizes every threat into a neutered, defanged format. A movement organized in opposition to a national politics so thoroughly captured by corporate power that the people are voiceless regardless of whom they elect can’t be expected to take seriously someone who proposes running for office as a solution, they say. – Nick Pinto

To George, running for office in this manner is not a crazy idea or a paradox. Remember, we are talking about the first active MC to get elected to political office.  His campaign consisted of a district-wide rap tour.  Literally, he stood on a street corner and free-styled with cats.  Like, he literally built his street credibility the hard way.

The result of trying to speak to the People in terms the People can understand, was the opportunity to re-present them before New York’s 51st District Assembly in 2002.

The Hon.George Martinez leveraged his time in office into a U. S. Ambassadorship. He is a cultural liaison, using hip hop to build better cultural relations.  Politics remains at the center of his musical content, even as he tours Columbia. His obsession in that arena is expressed at The Global Block Foundation.

So, when the Occupy Movement popped off, “Rithm” was primed and ready to participate. He even tried his hand at crafting the Movement’s anthem

The video and song got attention, enough for the Village Voice writer to mention it.

Ironically, Occupy doesn’t like the idea of Hon.George Martinez’s second bid for office.  He is using them as an umbrella, due to his campaign method. It appears that Hon.George Martinez is relying on grassroots structures, not massive advertising, to communicate his message.

He has a Rocky Balboa chance in winning the primary.

Which is why the story is so engaging.

Hon.George Martinez sincerely believes that he can win.

Which is why we will all be paying attention on the night of his primary.

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