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How You Can Help the By2015:AMERICA Movement Address Child Hunger

September 15, 2012

This blog is a continuation of the National Plan Addressing Child Hunger. If you want to know how the By2015:AMERICA Movement intends to address child hunger please go to that very in-depth blog. It will explain how  1) Children’s Meal Mission came to be, 2) By2015:AMERICA’s current national direction and 3) job descriptions for the two positions that we are recruiting for.

Educational Campaign: Take a picture with a cardboard sign which reads: END CHILD HUNGER

Those who contact us ask what we specifically would like them to do. Here is a listing of the specific tasks that are needed. If you can fulfill any of these specific tasks please follow these instructions.



Under this blog post or via email ( please do one of the following:

  • Make a suggestion of a graphic artist who would be willing to donate their time, talent and energy towards the creation of an interactive website designed to bring up END CHILD HUNGER pictures as they come in from various states/cities.Make a suggestion of a farm to school program that would be willing to partner with a local pantry to teach others how to grow food in Anchorage, Chicago, Los Angeles, Atlanta or New York.
  • Make a suggestion of strong grassroots fundraising geniuses who would like to donate their time, talent and energy toward creating a By2015:AMERICA Foundation for making grants to Children’s Meal Mission sites.
  • Make a suggestion of high school students, college students, and fraternity members who are good with social media/internet marketing and are willing to donate their time, talent and energy towards an educational campaign. They need to have a Klout score of at least 60.
  • Make a suggestion of a persons with talent in logistics, whom can create a national can food drive plan.
  • Make a suggestion of PTA presidents who are interested in creating a national plan/event designed to inspire parents to get their children to school on-time. This is the number one thing we can do as a nation to address child hunger.
  • Make a suggestion of a spiritual center who would be open to organizing prayer warriors to fast and pray on the first three days of each month beginning in November 2012.  If you wish to make a donation, please contact the Movement via email. We would like to know which plan to enroll you into. If you need more information,

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