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The Four Point Solution to Child Hunger in America

January 22, 2013

Through the National School Breakfast and Lunch program, the USDA can count 20.6 million children hungry inside the United States of America. Currently, the U.S. has the capacity and the infrastructure necessary to eliminate child hunger inside of its borders. This capacity and infrastructure consist of:

Imagine an America that feeds all of its children. We at the By2015:AMERICA movement can. Join us in making this VISION a living reality.

Imagine an America that feeds all of its children. We at the By2015:AMERICA movement can. Join us in making this VISION a living reality.

A) a national school feeding program – the number one solution to child hunger identified by the United Nations World Food Programme – exists with the capacity to provide two meals every school day,

B) a national network of 205 Food Banks,

C) a national ” think tank” called Feeding America and

D) several national anti-hunger organizations exist such as Bill Shore’s “Share Our Strength”.

What is needed now is a populist movement which empowers the average American with the knowledge and skills necessary to eliminate child hunger inside their community. The By2015:AMERICA movement seeks to 1) articulate the Four Point Solution to Child Hunger in terms that the average American can understand, and 2) support average Americans in implementing the planks of the Four Point Solution to Child Hunger in America.


Mission Statement: By using traditional community organizing techniques, By2015:America will inspire the American people to acknowledge and address child hunger, thereby reducing the number of children counted as hungry by the USDA from 20.6 million to less than one million by December 31, 2015.

The following Four Point Solution are the action items By2015:America will support, educate, and empower average Americans to complete for their own communities.

1) Encourage Parent Teacher Associations to take the lead in creating campaigns inside Title I classified schools that inspire low-income parents to bring their children to school on time. The goal is to increase participation in the National School Breakfast program to 80% participation of qualified students in the Breakfast program.

2) Support the existing 205 Food Banks, nation-wide, through youth-based programs such as Boys and Girls Club and Camp Fire accessing federal funds and establishing “Backpack Buddies” programs inside the youth-based community programs.

3) Establish partnerships with existing soup kitchens to create Children’s Meal Mission satellites in high density child hunger neighborhoods, i.e Title I school areas. Each site must have the capacity to serve a minimum of 150 daily meals 5 days a week.

4) Establish partnerships with Junior Achievement and other similar, local organizations to organize “Urban Farmer’s Markets” which teach middle/high school students from low-income households how to a) grow food using urban gardening techniques, b) implement a business plan by creating a farmer’s market in their neighborhood and c) donating excessive produce to a Children’s Meal Mission site or local soup kitchen.

Implementation Plan

Objective 1 : Beginning February 1 – May 30, 2013 articulate “The Four Point Solution to Child Hunger in America,” by

a) hosting the 2nd National Prayer Service in Minneapolis, MN on March 16, 2013,

b) establishing a Children’s Meal Mission satellite in Minneapolis, MN and

c) conducting a three city “End Child Hunger” musical/artistic tour April 6 – May 30, 2013.

Objective 2: Recruit and develop “staff.” Four Captains are needed to implement the “Four Point Solution to Child Hunger in America.” Each individual captain will be responsible for the implementation of one plank of the Four Point Solution.

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  1. Ashley Williamson permalink
    February 23, 2013 7:10 am

    I love this idea and am willing to participate and help the young!

  2. April 6, 2013 6:28 am

    Prayer doesn’t feed children ….if prayer worked…there would be no hunger, no wars, no homelessness, no sexual abuse, no drug abuse, no prisoners…..

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