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15 Minutes for America’s Children

February 15, 2013

Words by Kokayi Nosakhere Lead Coordinator of

We’ve been at this a long time, Don Burrell and I. A couple of years back we learned the real cost of organizing, it’s literally blood, sweat and tears. We can look back because, for the last three years, we have told the story via this blog.

Sometimes, we have hung our heads, depressed by the lack of response received from our near continuous efforts to spread the word that it is possible for America to address child hunger. We have followed every suggestion cheerfully given to us, usually by someone who had no intention of ever helping.

Like impressionable children, we have ran down every corridor imagining The entire time that this was just the Universe testing our commitment. Do we sincerely believe that it is possible for America to address child hunger? Without batting an eye, we have stated, emphatically, “Yes Sir!”

Personally, by now, I imagined the Universe would start believing us. I willing put my life on the line to force Representative Bill Stoltze’s hand. All we wanted was for him to allow Senate Bill 3 a hearing during the 2011 Alaskan Legislature. The Bill made a State contribution to the school nutrition program. Noble, right? He put up supreme resistance, experiencing an attack against his ego rather than the prick of his conscious.

Thankfully, creative politicians were able to secure $3 million instead of the $1.9 million we originally asked for. Don, for his part, has suffered two mild heart attacks helping Children’s Meal Mission serve 70,000 meals since November 2009.

If the Universe doesn’t know by now that we are serious, I don’t know how else we can communicate it. I think it does. If all we needed to do was convince the Universe, the 20.6 million children who are hungry in America would be fed.

Those who oppose an all out effort within our country would yield and choose to abide by the will of the majority. The Universe would make them conform to Its Will. That’s not what is going to happen though. We have to find a way to inspire average Americans to make their contribution.

You see, a celebrity, even one as dedicated to the Cause as Jeff Bridges is not going to do it. Nor is an activist as dedicated as Bill Shore and his organization, Share Our Strength. The 205 Food Banks established in all 50 States can’t do it. Nor can the government. It is going to take average Americans – YOU and I – to feed all of America’s children.

At first, only the sensitive are going to respond. As children, they were hungry. Hunger is understood on a primal level. The sight of a child today longingly looking at food hurts them at the soul level. So, they respond.

Then, once the sensitive take their End Child Hunger pictures and forward By2015:AMERICA blog posts, the less sensitive will choose to respond. The level of activity, completely foreign in their consciousness will attract them.

Lastly, the insensitive, carried away by the sheer energy of the movement will make their contribution. From experience, we know that it doesn’t matter how eloquent we are. No words from us are going to convince you to make a contribution that you do not wish to make.

This is not about us, anyway. It is about 20.6 million children, who pray fervently for their next meal, daily. On THEIR behalf, we ask that you choose to devote 15 minutes a day – from Noon to 12:15 pm – before your lunch meal in meditative silence. PLEASE JOIN YOUR PRAYER TO THEIRS.

We ask that you hold this intention for one month, from February 16
until March 16, 2013. We cannot hold you accountable. You will have
to perform this service on your own, because you feel compelled to
do so.

This is the only way to address child hunger. We must inspire America from the ground up. One of the men who inspire me and cared for me during the Juneau Hunger Strike shared this wisdom with me. I cherish it and choose now to share it with you.

“We are products of our own Souls. Our teachers
bring us to our Souls then we got to go to work from there. It
becomes to painful to start messing over our own lives after a
certain point. We become too sensitive to the spiritual pain we
cause. That helps us conquer our smallness.” – Hari Dev Singh


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