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Hard Trials Are Necessary

February 22, 2013


Eighteen hour days.


E-i-g-h-t-e-e-n hour days!

That number is so real, I want to say it again. I wish we were live and in person so that you could hear how I am saying this. I remember the day Royal Star (Kokayi Nosakhere) and I were out here soldiering in -17 degrees. It warmed up to 4 degrees and we got happy. In fact, my hands are almost frozen stiff as I write this blog. Anybody who says we don’t love these babies outta receive an open-hand slap in the mouth. I would, b.u.t. my hands are too cold.

Now, normally I like to get up at 6:00 – 6:30 in the morning, brush my teeth, read, then shower, you know? Take care of hygiene? Sometimes I read last, put on my stuff and then run out of the door. Sometimes I do not get to reading at all depending on the time. One morning, I broke my daily routine due to not properly putting my to-do list together properly (I had added an appointment on my to-do list too late.)

I got up – it was after 7am!

I did not get to do my normal amount of read in the morning I just got to wash my face and brush my teeth I was behind schedule. I jumped up, threw on my scarf, socks, pants, hoodie and coat. I gargled some Listerine and ran out the door – only to show up – ON TIME – to a meeting that was a no show.

The meeting scheduled after that was a no-show too.

The third meeting was with Mike Forica (look him up on Facebook and thank him please.)

Did I mention that I am biking to these meetings? Averaging at the least 5+ miles from University and Lexington in St. Paul to the West Bank of the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. Twin Cities? Whatever!!!

One day I am biking and my face is freezing faster than usual in 29 degree weather so I am wondering like dang am I cursed with having down south blood running through my veins? I swear 29 degrees felt warmer than this. I pass by a bank and see one of those light up display signs that tell the temperature and the time and began to fully understand why my face was freezing! It was 7 degrees!

We handmake “Take What You Need” posters using white 11 by 14 sheets of paper and crayola markers. The idea is: if I am a 10 year old child, what resources do I currently have around me to the point where I can add on to the By2015:AMERICA Movement in the Twin Cities? Bingo! Nothing, just like us. Royal Star (Kokayi Nosakhere) and I go over many ideas that we are learning about, we often find ourselves sippin’ on coffee after drifting into the Hard Times Cafe’ in West Bank. Come out here and get some and see how good it sounds! It is open until 4am, and they have a very warm environment. Be sure to let them know that ‘streets’ sent you, ha.

I choose to stay positive amid no-shows in weather that is in the negatives, lol. I have always been a person that is known to make the best of a situation, that is just how I am and I like being that way. I am met with a bit of resistance by those who do not share my views and that is fine, look at what I am DO-ing with my views.

I have a few set backs. Admittance helps me move forward to the next stage so here goes. I suggest that we all admit our weak points if we are going to address our strengths, lol. I ain’t gotta phone, I lost mine and am working on getting a new one. Don’t have a computer. I go to the Library to get on Facebook. They give you hour long sessions. I do what I can to set appointments during that time.

Okay, so, my fingers are starting to warm up now. If you asking me the question of why I am doing all this, I have an answer: orange juice. You see, I know how it feels to be hungry as a child not knowing why, or how come there is nothing that you can really do about it so I feel that I owe it to the babies to get out here and do the work that they do not have the right to do on their own. It is against the law for children to work so they should not have to go without food, food should be a given for all children. It is the only thing that a just person will do, anything other than that is devilish in my humble opinion.

I don’t complain because I am a grown man, b.u.t. the babies? The babies don’t deserve to go hungry. They babies. What is an 8 year old suppose to do? He can’t do nothing b.u.t. get mad!

I don’t get mad. I know that this is not an easy task. Most people think what we are trying to do is impossible. How you gon’ feed every kid in America. That’s why I send the Four Point Plan through Facebook inboxes. I get a lot of responses. Maybe 75% positive. B.u.t. them meetings.

What we meeting for? Look, once you find out a solution exists, you gotta act. You are almost obligated to act. Really, why would you NOT act? So, the meeting takes about 15 minutes so that you can see that this is a real thing. Not fake. And then donate a $1. However, what we really want is access to your friends and family. We gotta reach the parents of these babies who are hungry and find out how to tap them into the American Dream.

Now, I know. Most people are so tired just trying to make it that giving back seems like just one more task on their already super extended to do list. That’s why I am out here. I will do all the leg work. All we need is for you to help us with a dollar and a phone call.

Now, I’m done. Time to get off this bus and walk 7 blocks to the rest. I’m not going to give up. I gotta be the change these babies is counting on. If I don’t choose to answer their prayers, who will. Remember, there ain’t not Mystery God the Sun of Man is here. Colonial days are over. Miss me with that.

Your Brother,
DivineGod Be Allah

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