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Meet Martin. He’s hungry!

March 13, 2013


Words by Ben Hannah III (Anchorage, Alaska resident)

Let’s paint a picture. It’s going to be a bad picture. I don’t know if I can stomach to paint this picture myself. But, someone has to perform the duty.

Someone has to give Martin a voice. He lives in the First World. America! The Home of the Brave and the Land of the Free. The Greatest Nation in Earth.

So, why is Martin hungry?

Like 1 out of 4 children are hungry . . . in America. I hope you do not believe me and choose to do your own research. Go to:

Also go to:

America has approximately 31 million Martins.

That’s a lot of babies who are hungry. That’s a lot if babies growing up scared about food. That’s desperation being made flesh.

Right now, legally, babies can’t work in America. This fact stands despite Newt Gingich’s “policy” that we should cut janitor salaries to create jobs for young people. (He said during the Republican primaries. He’s useless.)

Sure, they can hustle. They can find a lawnmower. Cut some grass. Make a little coin. That’s an even trade for his labor. Right?

Unfortunately, any money he makes is the property of his parents and not his.

Which doesn’t matter because it is illegal for babies to work. (Remember that Newt!)

Can you imagine Martin’s frustration? And he dare not say anything to his parents about being hungry. That doesn’t happen without the consequences of violence.

Remember, Martin is 10 years old.

Instead of work, he is confined to school. Where he is dropped off late and misses out in breakfast. That leaves him with one guaranteed meal a day. Which is suspect, because you shouldn’t eat everything the school district tries to serve as food.

Personally, if I was Martin, I would be depressed.?

But he’s a kid.

He taught himself how to smile.

Told you this was an ugly picture.

You can help Martin in five easy steps. 1) Join the PTA. 2) Donate food. 3) Cook food. 4) Grow food. 5) Repeat 2 – 4 for life.

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