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The Secret that Rockefeller Discovered

March 25, 2013


Words by NfrMa’at

Persistence is a big word for some – no, many – people. As soon as they meet a LOT – no, just a little – resistance to their ideas their heart fades away. This happens daily and so dreams die daily.

I hustle legally. Right now, I got two jobs. It helps not having a felony, which is what stops a lot of Black men in Minnesota. Well, those who lack the heart to push through the resistance.

That idea, pushing through all resistance in the moment to pursue your dream regardless if whom or what, is at the heart of Kokayi’s living philosophy. He develops and illustrates it inside his booklet, “Start Where You Are.” He takes as his subject, the great John D. Rockefeller. You may not remember him from American History class. You may know him from Jay-Z’s marketing.

John D. Rockefeller made his first million in the Civil War, by satisfying the Union Army’s thirst for oil and kerosene. That’s a governmental contract. It seems, throughout American History, a lot of millionaires are made that way – from governmental contracts. For the sake of America, I guess, that is a really good thing. It’s not like Rockefeller had much going for him.

That’s right, you do not know much about this man. He came from an extremely dysfunctional family. To the point, that his father had a wife and mistress living under the same roof. He kept both of them pregnant, producing four babies in two years. You do the math!

Oh, and it gets better. Kokayi is not done. He reveals other things that you probably didn’t get from high school. Right now, Kokayi is using those “secrets” to launch By2015:AMERICA here in Minnesota. I am under the impression that he is not going to give up, despite the resistance that he receives. He works so hard that I wonder if the man sleeps.

He appears absolutely obsessed. Last week he “discovered” Northside Minneapolis’ Neighborhood Hub. The Hub is housed by Christ English Lutheran Church. Last year, the Hub operated a summer foods program, which is desperately needed. 31 million children eat school lunches. Yet, only 2.3 million of those same babies eat at summer food programs. So, you know where Kokayi’s interest is currently directed.

On the surface, due to a federal reimbursement being available, you would think that food pantries would jump on board. However, that is not happening. Why? Lack of qualified human power.

What do I mean by that? In one word: heart! Too many people balk at the thought of discomfort, let alone “hardship.” And to meet the challenge of addressing child hunger in America requires accepting that many, many nights are going to be long, the emotional cost is going to far outweigh any financial rewards and trust is going to be at an all time low in American politics until 2015.

In additional to an indomitable will, you also have to be a multi-genius. From the way Kokayi vents, everyone wants you to like their kind of music and also be a master of their skill set so they can talk shop at a PhD level with you. That requires a high-speed processor or a brain. Not everyone is built the same way. Our present America is so constructed to produce this inequality in citizenship.

Your ability to adapt to changing circumstances must be as solid as Popeye’s sea legs. More than anything, you must continue to perform at a very high level despite fatigue’s big brother stalking you. Until coffee doesn’t work anymore. You go to sleep with your mind racing.

Just like people couldn’t see Rockefeller’s vision of incredible wealth when he started his famous search for a job, not everyone can envision ending child hunger in America. It takes a special kind a person – like John D. Rockefeller, someone motivated from within. Deep within.

If you think you have enough juice to last the next 33 months, we ask that you join us and step up to the plate. Only those with heart need reply!

(Link to Lulu version of the booklet, “Start Where You Are.”:

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