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Food Fit For the Mentally Dead

March 27, 2013

20130327-151954.jpg Words by Kokayi Nosakhere, Lead Coordinator

New York 16 year old Kimani Gray did not have to die. Neither did the children at Sandy Hook Elementary. Yet, they did. Because the American Dream is dead, buried by a lack of knowledge, wisdom and understanding.

The S.A.D. or “standard American diet” of mental food consumed by the majority of the 330 million citizens counted in the last election is causing the fear, ignorance and apathy the masses complain about. We all know there are problems. What we do not know is how to address the problems we are so skilled at describing.

Reality TV is great at promoting gossip and drama. The intimate details of celebrity lives are discussed with emotion and vigor. As if they are more important than ordinary Americans or the decisions of political leaders.

In fact, due to the drama of the political decision-making process, many people are turned off by the process and find mental relief in cable program. A movie, or series, is sought to “escape” having to think.

This appears to be the goal of many producers in the name of capitalism. Hollywood accepts little to no responsibility for the material it produces on its sets, claiming that if their audiences do not want to consume their products they won’t. This circular argument, which really blames the victim, works because the great majority of Americans are blind, deaf and dumb.

Their condition is produced by the S.A.D. mental diet.

Starved for the basic ideas needed to self-actualize, Americans currently suffer unemployment, low self-esteem and divorce at record rates. It is like we are zombies, feeding upon ourselves, yet acting as if we are moving forward in life by doing so.

How many of us go to jobs that we hate, justifying the mental stress of doing what you do not want to do because that is the way to make money and maintain our lifestyles of pursuing escape? The premise of this assumption is not even questioned. Since “everyone” else we know is slaving from 9 to 5 we accept that we need to do the same.

We continue daily to exchange our labor for currency which keeps us just over broke.  We choose to compensate in ways available to us: drugs, sex and violence. That doesn’t work. All drugs, sex and violence do is distract you from the fact that you feel helpless to change your situation.

“You as a human being, you have heard all this before. Why don’t you change?” – Jiddu Krishnamurti</blockquote>

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