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A Precious Few Who Have Awakened

March 28, 2013


Words by Kokayi Nosakhere, Lead Coordinator

Fortunately, for America, some of the 330 million counted as citizens in the last census are choosing to wake up. They are weaning themselves off the S.A.D., or standard American Diet, of mental food. Just like everything else, these precious few are following a particular method.

The method being followed receives very little attention. That’s because if it did, change would happen. Lots of change. The proper change that would free people from the rat race of the dead American Dream.

President Thomas Jefferson defined the American Dream as the “pursuit of happiness.” Right now, with Donald Trump, Mayor Bloomberg and The Wal-Mart children promoted as the leading examples, the “pursuit of happiness” means greed, womanizing and causing suffering. The way to get ahead in America is to hurt and deceive others, not serve them.

Because the political process of making a good decision in a democracy is so dramatic, most citizens choose to “escape.” Instead of watching Democrats and Republicans fight, cable programming is consumed. Along with “reality TV.” We want a movie to “take us away” rather than engage in the hard work of thinking.

Thinking isn’t easy because the school system doesn’t reward it anymore. It rewards conformity. Through standardize testing students learn that there is only one right answer for every question. Fail to repeat that answer and you are wrong.

The dead American Dream is (somehow) still glamorized. Students are encouraged to make good grades, I.e. memorize the right answers to the questions, secure a job working for someone else and faithfully attend either church or sporting events. The promise of economic security, or material comfort, is held out as an incentive.

Unfortunately for those who have bought this lie, 42.6 million Americans are using food stamps. That means, the mainstream method is not working. Congress fights impotently over a system which is not serving anyone making less than $250,000 a year.

The condition that Americans find themselves in is so painful that a precious few are choosing to wake up. They are tired of sacrificing and working hard only to experience more and more pain.

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