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Look Into the Mirror

April 1, 2013


Words by Lead Coordinator, Kokayi Nosakhere

The desire to break from adherence to the dead American myth of “pursuing happiness” through the acquisition of material things or social status must be more than intellectual acceptance. The masses of Americans are brainwashed into thinking that “spirituality” can be consumed. Rituals become cooking recipes. Engage in the flow of a certain series of events and a certain result is inevitable. As if the sequence of events are more important than the BEING going through the sequence of events.

This commercialization of the human experience makes the individual into a “tool” within society. He or she is not valuable. The money spent, the hours worked, the raw resource refined into a product: that is valuable. The person is only necessary to provide the labor to make society run. The affirmation of the person is minimized, if not completely ignored.

Those choosing to wake up and affirm themselves are seen as “weird” by those who remain in the “grave:” blind, deaf and dumb to the reality of themselves. By choosing to access the “powers” made dormant by years of neglect and the S.A.D. mental diet, those who are awake separate themselves from the “zombies.”

We wish to encourage your awakening. We wish to share with you the method most people who are choosing to wake up are experiencing to become “alive” to who and what they really are. The human being is the most complex vehicle for the Universe’s consciousness.

In assisting you, we are helping ourselves.

Every awakening begins with an conscious affirmation of self-love. Without a sincere appreciation of who and what you are, how can you honestly choose to break free and stand alone, apart from humanity? Those who are blind, deaf and dumb hate themselves. Feasting off the mental food provided by mainstream drama games produces this effect. Only those who consciously bathe themselves in affirmations are able to successfully resist and rise above the need for society’s stamp of approval.

It takes courage to stand up and BE YOURSELF. More courage than a Presidential medal represents. Something within is fed when you choose to step towards self-actualization.

Please do the following 7 day exercise.

1) In the morning, right after getting up or just before you go to bed, choose to stand before the bathroom mirror. Make sure the light is on and you can see yourself clearly. Clean the mirror if you want.

2) Wash your face. Do so lovingly. Take your time. Pat your face dry and put lotion on.

3) Now look at yourself. Really look at yourself. Notice how handsome or beautiful you are. Take your time and really look at yourself!

4) Here comes the hard part. Say out loud, loud enough for your own ears to hear, “I love you.” Do so seven times. Say, “I love you” to yourself with FEELING. Emotion needs to drip into your voice. Tell yourself emphatically that YOU love YOU!

In the afterglow of such an affirmation exercise please smile. Choose to smile deep and wide. Embrace yourself with your own smile.

Being YOU is the most powerful thing you can do. Join those of us who do not want to be in pain anymore.

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