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Top States with Child Hunger

April 1, 2013


Words by Lead Coordinator, Kokayi Nosakhere

In 1964, under the Lyndon Baines Johnson Administration which took over for a slain President John F. Kennedy, the federal poverty rate was established. 47 years later, this rate has not changed. Because of this basic fact, the poverty rate used by non-profits across the country is set at 185% of the 1964 standard.

Using this measurement, the Food Research and Action Center, or FRAC, puts forth an annual Breakfast Scorecard. This report informs Governors across the country how much is left on the table in already allocated funds because “universal breakfast” is not mandated. FRAC is a national think tank which serves America’s 205 food banks.

In 1966, Congress passed legislation against the thought of conservative principals authorizing the National Lunch program. In 1975, the National Breakfast program was authorized. The United States Department of Agriculture, or USDA, administer both programs. They too put out a report of participation in the programs per State.

The average citizen has probably never seen the numbers of both reports put together. We here at By2015:AMERICA seek to help you see the light. If the government can produce these numbers, why can it not sound the alarm that we need to address child hunger in our country?!

1) California has 3,966,352 children who are on free or reduced breakfast/lunch. By not having universal breakfast mandated state-wide, $156.7 million is left on the table in federal dollars. The Governor is Jerry Brown, a Democrat.

2) Texas comes in second. Can you imagine 3,251,489 children hungry within its expansive borders. It’s governance structure leaves $63.5 million on the table. Rick Perry is the Governor, a Republican.

3) Florida comes in third with 1,782,608 children hungry. It leaves $74.2 million on the table. Rick Scott is the Governor, a Republican.

You can fight child hunger this summer. While 31 million children use the Breakfast and Lunch programs during the school year, only 2.3 million has access to services in the summer time.

Make a $25 donation to By2015:AMERICA NOW! Help us save America’s genius.

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