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What You Give Attention to Grows

April 2, 2013


Words by Lead Coordinator, Kokayi Nosakhere

Seven days. For seven days we are asking you to do what mainstream society says you are to receive from others. Your boss is supposed to stroke your ego. This is done with a paycheck every two weeks. Or, you receive some verbal praise during a staff meeting. It may come in the form of your boss “granting” you greater responsibility, which is sold as another form of societal status because more responsibility usually comes with a “title.”

For seven days, in quiet rebellion, you will take back some of the control unconsciously given by you to others. At first, you will not notice that you are committing a subversive act. You don’t look any different, not do you appear to “act” any different. Those in your life may not treat you any differently than before.

Except YOU.

You are treating yourself differently.

You are choosing to love you.

That makes a radical difference.

Please accept the next challenge. If you felt any resistance to saying “I love you” to yourself, the following will really raise the bar. What we are about to ask you to do will forever break the hold the dead American Dream has over you.

Imagine yourself jumping off a cliff with the sea a long ways down. I don’t know if you can swim or not, however, once you jump, gravity takes over. You are fully committed. There is no turning back. You cannot stop what is already put into play.

Same with the next suggestion. It expands your mind beyond societal expectations and thus makes you unfit to be a slave anymore. Again, we must warn you against the “desire” to conform and only intellectually accept this idea.

Please choose to experiment with this idea. Over time, the complexity of this mathematical formula will amaze you. E + R = O. The EVENT plus YOUR REACTION equals the OUTCOME.

You see, choosing to love yourself opens a door of possibility. You begin experimenting with the idea that “possibly” you have power to “make things happen.” Because we are programmed to believe that social position grants you authority instead of being human, this formula is a sheer act of rebellion.

By “make things happen” I do not mean “perform magic.” There is no mystery god. No invisible spook in the sky who can and will defy the Laws of Nature to inspire your loyalty. Nada! Colonialism is mental enslavement. That is what we are attempting to free you from.

Next: Maximizing the Formula

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