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Maximizing the Formula

April 3, 2013


Words by Lead Coordinator, Kokayi Nosakhere

Among us live men and women who are eating, sleeping and having sex. And that’s all. They are consumers. Like vertical earthworms, their primary function is to simply transform matter inside of their bodies from one form into another. They are animals. Mentally dead. They are not human.

Being human requires a certain level of mental concentration or developed attention. This is typically called discipline. Babies, regulated at first to their backs, then to their all fours, can do what these so-called adults do. The fact that this is occurring is the reason for this series of blog posts. To address child hunger, By2015:AMERICA must help develop men and women who can do the work that is needed.

What is needed is maturity. Such maturity comes at a great cost. It requires the activation of an inner process.

Unlike other movements, By2015:AMERICA does not have a specific person or group of persons that it seeks to vilify. Obviously, by the presence of political parties and pressure groups all advocating the dead American Dream, this is not working. Billions of American dollars are spent spitting venom and this has not produced any progressive change. Something more creative is needed.

That something “creative” is called the “knowledge of Self.” We wish to share this with you, however, this must happen slowly by degrees. The ego-trap of “memory power” is to be avoided at all costs. It limits the person to the animal level just as much as colonialism does.

So far, we have introduced you to one exercise designed to increase your personal appreciation of YOU and given you a mathematical formula.

E + R = O is a mathematical formula that you can use to dramatically improve your life. It builds on the self-love generated by the seven day mirror exercise. It gives you the power to rise up out of your animalistic desires into your human nature.

However, to maximize this formula you need to learn the “art of observation.” This is absolutely crucial. Without the cultivated ability to observe others, you will not be able to observe yourself.

The first observation should naturally arise out of HOW people are responding to your choice to love you. Do you readily accept the compliments? Or, do you put up resistance? How does either one make the person giving you the compliments feel?

Please extend this further. Shut up. Literally. For specific periods of time. Each day. Don’t say a word.

Because the animal within you will want to do something, I.e. engage in activity, direct your attention at observing the persons around you. Try this at lunch time. Instead of interacting with your co-workers, take a seat apart from them and look, listen and observe them.

Do this without judgment. Write down what you observed on a napkin. Then, throw it away. Again, this is not about sharpening your ability to be more critical or judgmental. The discipline of the exercise is more important than the actual observations.

Next: Animal Desires versus Human Nature

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