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Animal Desires versus Human Nature

April 4, 2013


Words by Lead Coordinator, Kokayi Nosakhere

If it is not already crystal clear, it will become more clear, as you engage in the suggestions we are giving you that you are surrounded by men and women in form only. They “look” like humans and have the natural abilities of humans, b.u.t. they are not acting like humans. In fact, many are programmed, like the Matrix “taught:” to be the energetic labor of the dead American Dream. It is kept alive, superficially, through their constant grasping at straws.

The napkins that you have thrown away should reveal this to you. The content of the conversations around you are of the lowest vibration, just enough to maintain the existence of the human form. Time is spent imagining how best to “dress the garden” in order to attract sexual attention. Your co-workers are probably experts at popular fashion and how to create fashionable “looks” on a shoestring budget.

Next will come music. The latest iTunes joint by an often-repeated radio artist is on the tip of their tongue. Maybe even the lyrics and dance to accompany the song.

Next will come gossip. This is a natural evolution. Think Kim Kardasian. She is a fashion pot who is currently obsessed with concern about her image before the public due to her becoming fat. Why is she fat? Because she is pregnant. Um, pregnant girls are supposed to be fat. Despite this actual fact, she is contemplating an extreme diet. Her popular musician boyfriend isn’t chiming in on this controversy because it keeps the couple in the news.

Why? The shock value of her thinking process.

Now, we ARE talking about a woman who is famous off of a sex tape. To date, like Paris Hilton, she has not shown any talent other than the ability to be fashionable, which has only one benefit: sex, is needed to keep (so-called) humans on the planet.

This breakdown is true in 85% of cases. It doesn’t matter the age group or faith community or cultural frame. If the person has completely bought into the dead American Dream, this is the level of thought, communication and analysis driving their existence.

By being able to clearly observe WHAT is happening you are able to separate yourself and enter a second tier. We will call this “second tier”: humanity. It is from this space that you can apply E + R = O consistently to navigate through society.

Next: Being Is More Than Human

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