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Being Is More Than Human

April 5, 2013


Words by the Lead Coordinator, Kokayi Nosakhere

It literally ends and begins with self-love. Whatever power you and I possess, we possess in proportion to the amount of self-love we are showering upon ourselves day by day. Think of the mighty “man of God” named Samson. He was an Ancient Israeli. Like a woman from that time period, Samson’s hair was his crowning glory.

We are not told in Biblical accounts if Samson was “handsome.” This is assumed. While anyone who demonstrated Samson’s feats of physical strength would have attracted women in a time when very large, wild animals threatened women and children daily, we can imagine that his source of attraction lay elsewhere.

Remember, Samson was a Nazarene. In Ancient times, that meant something. Practically, from birth, he was raised to worship Yahweh and his own people as the Chosen Ones of God. In the cultural practice he devoted himself 100% to, Samson was the living example thereof. He walked and talked his cultural practice to the point those around him began to believe that Samson was not only a courageous soldier, b.u.t. one with the Universe. When you saw him, you saw the power of God, live and in person.

The cost of becoming a Nazarene was so great that we can safely assume that the generation Jesus belonged too thought highly of Samson too. By then, he was a cultural and historical legend.

Now, in saying this, I am asking you to leave Samson in the Ancient World. Please do not project him into the 21st Century or yourself back into Ancient Times. Let Samson be Samson, an Ancient Israeli.

The curious thing about Samson is the reason why we remember him. So many people have spoken his name since his birth that I dare not say that I have anything new to say about him. What is said about him in sermon after sermon is pretty consistent.

When Samson strictly followed his cultural practice, he was invincible. His self-love was the source of his strength. However, as soon as he abandoned his cultural practice his strength left him. It took a moment for Samson to regain his focus. When he returned to his cultural practice, he regained his strength.

So it is with us! When we love ourselves completely, we are more powerful than anything the world can throw at us. Yet, when we deviate and choose to imitate cultural practices that do not affirm our own beauty, we become weak.

The current society appears to be programming us to forget who and what we are. We are beings, who chose to become human. We are not the batteries of a huge machine, like the Matrix imagines us to be. Yet, this is how we act.

Choose to return to the cultural practice which strengthens you. Choose to look in the mirror and say, “I love you.” All power begins with self-love!

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