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Day 2 SNAP Challenge Chris Goerlitz

April 5, 2013


Day 2 SNAP Challenge

Posted on April 5, 2013by nmu87

Not surprisingly, the hunger in the later morning prior to lunch was a little more pronounced, not quite as easy to dismiss as yesterday.  Coffee withdrawal is the same, tolerable.   I think I was overestimating what how much I coffee I consume during the week, weekends a different story.

OK, this blows, it is about 90 minutes since lunch and I am still hungry, feels like I didn’t eat, a constant state of emptiness.  This day is tougher as I am starting to fixate on the feeling of hunger.  I assume at least some of it is psychological, since I am not able to snack as I normally would, and the some of the students brought in food as part of their family history project submission, which didn’t help!

And speaking of the students….One of the things I enjoy while doing…

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