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“Do Plants Have Minds and Hearts”

April 5, 2013

The Roses and Thorns of Life

I watched an intriguing PBS special last evening. I believe all things have energy, each rock, each being, each color on the vibrational scale. Last night’s show focused on the wondrous energy of plants. Scientists are uncovering much more hidden beneath leafy green stems than once perceived.
Plants don’t have nervous systems, or at least, not like ours. But they feel pain, they feel stress, they feel love and nurturing.
Everyone knows that fresh smell of newly cut grass…well, the scientific world is learning how the release of oils in the air is a signal of stress…….
I absolutely adore trees, the sound of a chain saw makes me cringe….now the scientific world is agreeing with my heart. Being cut or pruned is stressful, plants feel this sensation… it pain….
Even more touching, a scientist in British Columbia is learning how the giant old world firs actually nurture baby saplings…

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