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The Value of This Moment

April 9, 2013


Words by the Lead Coordinator, Kokayi Nosakhere

The Event plus YOUR RESPONSE equals the Outcome. E + R = O. This mathematical formula is genius. PhD level teaching. The key to unlocking its power lies in the discipline to consistently use this formula.

No one can see what you “know”. This is the trap of intellectual acceptance. It is believed that because you can use your memory to recall facts, or fashion a nice coin of phrase, you have done something.

That is not work. Work is physical.

It is the metaphysical idea that the physical universe and the spiritual universe are one and the same.

Now, thanks to science, you and I can argue that the brain is a receiving center and broadcasting center for thought.

Thoughts are things! Physical things. They travel at 24 billion miles per second. To clothes themselves into light and enter the brain, thoughts must slow down to 186,000 miles per second. For me to hear said thought, you have to express it as sound, which travels at 1,120 feet per second.

The thought must then be stepped up inside the ear drum back to the speed of light and then up into the 24 billion frequency again.

This transformation is so miraculous that the attention of 85% of persons remains here. They remain fascinated with using their memory and imagination to daydream. Daily, hours are spent doing nothing more than making mental pictures.

Moving from mental pictures into physical action changes your state of mind. The imagination is being used in a different matter. First the image is projected mentally and then, through action, or “moving matter”, the thought is made into flesh.

The human ability to make an idea flesh is the quality developed by personal discipline.

What is “flesh”? By “flesh” we mean a particular arrangement of thought in the physical world. No different than thought reducing its vibrational rate to clothe itself into physical form, or “flesh”; through mastery of Cause and Effect, you and I can do the same.

Because thoughts are things.

Now, you and I know that we are finite beings. We are not like our classic concept of the Western God, who is able to do whatever He wants to do. We are not infinite. We are finite. Limited to the physical plane, the experience of time and space is our field of endeavor.

That means 3:16 pm means something to us. We will never have the experience of said moment in time or space again. What we choose to do, not intellectually acceptance, in this moment moves matter in a way that cannot be undone. Even in limited form, our impact upon the physical Universe is tremendous.

Because action is more potent than language, E + R = O makes this moment historic!

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