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Spirituality and environment go and-in-hand together

April 10, 2013

Zen Flash

~Satish Kumar
“If you look at the existing adult world they seem to be all single-mindedly following the old paradigm of more economic growth and more money and more industry and more roads, more airports, more highways, more buildings and so on and so on – just one single-minded pursuit… Many, many business people, banks and industry and government, are approaching the young people with the idea that [they should] get a good degree, get good marks, get this, get that and then we’ll give you a job and get back into the economy, become part of the economy…
And so I think it is also important at this juncture to bring the new paradigm thinking in front of the young people, that you have a choice here, you don’t have to just prepare yourself to work in a bank or work in an industry or work in consumer restriction…

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