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The Idea Which Makes You Free

April 10, 2013


Words by Lead Coordinator, Kokayi Nosakhere

If your brain is the greatest receiver and broadcaster of thought known to humanity; if thoughts are things; if in this finite moment of time and space you and I can impact the Universe, this means we are more powerful than we esteem ourselves to be.

Minister Louis Farrakhan said on March 23, 2013, “My People do not know they are related to God.”

Such a thought causes some brains to short circuit and spazz out. The idea does not compute. The mathematical formulas providing the software functions of said brain, rejects the thought that clear mental images, made flesh through the discipline of action, are possible through the human vehicle. Something else must be going on. Something outside the finite nature of the Universe.

For, if thoughts are things, and the human being is the vehicle by which thought is made flesh, then the Matrix is true. We are “batteries”, willingly giving up our labor to energize a system that is not serving our needs, b.u.t. perpetuating pain and suffering – the very pain and suffering inspiring you to read this blog in the first place.

Working to make another person’s dream flesh is not YOUR purpose. Perusing your passion and experiencing bliss IS your purpose. If you are making your bliss flesh, you are not enslaved to other person or system.

Now, to intellectually accept this idea and to act on this idea is two totally different states of being. That is a point that we have hammered on and keep hammering on. A reason exists for this. It is critical that you break the habit force of parroting the thought patterns of our current society. Only by making different choices, when faced with the events in your life will you be able to change the condition of children’s lives in America.

You must wake up to the fact that the thoughts you entertain have physical shadows. The states of mind that you embody physically change the atmosphere around you. This is a physical Universe of which you are intimately apart of and share the creative power to act and impact time and space.

In doing so, you imitate God on the micro-level. You are the Universe becoming more conscious of Itself. You are a drop of water in the Ocean of Life, and contain in your being all the power of the Ocean.

Do you love yourself enough to embrace this idea? Are you disciplined enough to act from this realization? Can your imagination fill this moment with sufficient meaning for you to be or born your conscious awareness of your divinity.

Living, conscious of your humanity (human activity), is mastery of Cause and Effect. Said mastery blends into your cultural practice to become second nature. Remained aligned with the cultural practice and you are all-powerful, all-knowing and all-being. One with the Universe. Step away from the cultural practice and like Samson you suffer unable to change your condition

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