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Why We Ask You to Read

April 15, 2013


Words by the Lead Coordinator, Kokayi Nosakhere

America’s greatest writer of success material, Dr. Napoleon Hill, taught thousands of Individual persons his now famous, “philosophy of success.” When he appeared to speak, college students crowded into auditoriums and businessmen crowded into convention centers. From the 1930s until the 1970s, he dropped jewels on how best to access the American Dream.

In 40 years you can speak to a lot of people. Even if they are paying to her you. Yet, despite this incredible feat of becoming personably magnetic, Dr. Hill was far more successful with the written word than he was with the spoken word. His books and sales training curriculums could be where he could not be. And, they were.

Dr. Hill’s persistence to make flesh his definite major purpose – communicating the Andrew Carnegie science of success – earned him experiences denied others, who were equally talented.

We offer you the same benefit from reading this series.

We are in desperate need for you to wake up and embrace your humanity. It is due to the sense of separation, the internalized idea that you are not connected to all the other human beings on the planet, that creates pain and suffering on a mass scale. The fact that 31 million children live in poverty-rate households is the result of inhumanity and immaturity. We must choose to become more sensitive.

For there not to be a national alarm going on means America is filled with zombies. The living dead. Those who are emotionally cut off from others. It gives the appearance that society does not care.

A science lies behind why Dr. Hill’s books reached more people than his speaking engagements. It is called the “book imaginative process.” It is the very reason why the Ancient Israelis, who could read and write, stood out in the Ancient world. Reading and writing are divine acts.

Think about it. Lots of people like to watch movies. Movies mimic real life. You watch human beings play across a screen no differently than you do in real life. In fact, you rate an actor in how believable he is on screen. You don’t want to know that he is trying to entertain you, you want to be entertained.

And you are, to your detriment.

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  1. April 15, 2013 6:31 am

    Thank you for the knowledge. The Voices of Women of Color respect your work!

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