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Are You Ready

April 18, 2013


Words by Lead Coordinator, Kokayi Nosakhere

Did you know that the great spiritual teacher that we call Jesus was literate? He is recorded in the New Testament writing on the ground and reading passages from the Torah.

Did you know that none of the 12 disciples could read or write? The Gospel according to Mark, which is considered the first written Gospel, is Peter’s account of Jesus’ life. Mark was one of Peter’s traveling companions. He wrote down a “biography” of Jesus after listening to Peter preach these stories hundreds of times.

Now, think about it. If Mark had not chosen to engage in the divine act of writing down Peter’s written words, where would Christian Thought be right now? Only the words of Paul, another literate person, would exist.

Again, let us avoid the mental trap of intellectual acceptance. We must THINK here!

Dr. Hill, like Jesus, spoke to thousands of people. However, his written words “spoke” to men, women an children differently. His written words provided an intimate connection between his mind and the mind of the Reader.

The “book imaginative process” inspired the Reader’s mind to “create” a voice for him, or to “hear” his voice, if they had heard him speak, inside their heads. The stories he told on paper were “manifested” inside the workshop of the Reader’s mind. The concepts were made flesh as the neural pathways PHYSICALLY shifted inside the physical brain of the Reader.

No wonder Napoleon Hill sold so many books, even at the height of the Great Depression. Here was a strong mind, fully developed and educated, who was helping to develop and educate other minds. Every mind which joined his in the manifestation of his “philosophy of success” added to the mental current formed between the mind of Andrew Carnegie and Dr. Hill. (See the Mastermind Alliance concept in the book, “Think and Grow Rich”.)

This mental current is an aspect of consciousness. It is not spoken of because it is difficult to communicate. It must be experienced. Internally. Thus, Jesus suggested to His disciples that they practice His teachings. He trusted that if they engaged in the concentration exercises that he engaged in, they would reach the same level that He reached.

The question is: Are you ready?

Are you ready to totally leave the realm of animal desires to self-actualize as a human being?

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