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Day 1 Food

April 18, 2013

Revolution Through Hunger


1 banana (27 cents)

1/5 of the peanut butter (17 cents)


Lunch was provided to me today, as once a month, several members of the church I worked at graciously give up their morning and early afternoon to come in and prepare a delicious meal for all of us that work on the church staff.  Clearly, I partook in this.  We had an INCREDIBLE large salad (there were at least 20 bowls of salad toppings available), fruit cups (strawberries, pineapple, grapes, and mandarin oranges…and no blasted melon!), and tiramisu!  SO amazing!


1 cup rice (20 cents)

1/2 cup barley (7 cents)

5 carrots (15 cents)

1 stem kale (31 cents)

Total spent: $1.17


As an added note, I definitely need to start adding spices to my food!  Bland rice/barley is kinda bluh.  So, as a rule, I’ll “charge” myself 5 cents per meal for salt and…

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