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Hunger Speaks

April 18, 2013

Drop the Cookbook

A school bell rings.  Children rush through hallways and doors, laughing, tripping, talking loudly, imitating their friends.  Everything is as you would remember from your own elementary school days, with the substitution of slightly more modern styles.  By mid-day, innocent kids happily fill the lunchroom halls, snack packs and milk money in hand.  A boy throws applesauce at some girl, probably because he likes her.  They eat ravenously, having just come from PE class.

All kids show up to the lunchroom hungry.  They’re growing, and that’s normal.  But if you start looking closely, you notice some keep going back, asking for more, taking from their friends, or even hiding food in their bags to take home.  The truth is that these kids are hungry, really hungry, and not getting enough to eat at home.  On Mondays, it’s worse — some of them haven’t eaten since the last free meal they…

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