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Top Five Reasons to Address Child Hunger

April 18, 2013


Words by Lead Coordinator, Kokayi Nosakhere

The question being asked by many Americans of the By2015:AMERICA movement is “why”? Why should I donate my time, talent and energy toward addressing child hunger? How can I, one person, actually help. Really help! Not just say I am going to help and make a drop in the bucket. How do I really make a difference?

That is a valid question.

The written word is not very good for motivating people. This is especially true about social media. What the written word and social media is good for is communicating reasons WHY you should choose to participate in addressing child hunger.

Reason Number One: BECAUSE Jesus wants you to. The Disciples disagree on a lot of what they remember about Jesus. They agree on one and only one miracle: the feeding of 5000. Like good human beings, the Disciples remember Jesus being able to make food.

Reason Number Two: BECAUSE we are men and women made better than animals. Birds find worms for their young. Bears find fish. Wolves find shrews. If animals are able to find food to feed their young, America can choose to feed it’s children. All of them.

Reason Number Three: BECAUSE trying to yeah hungry children is a waste of tax dollars. This is something we think Rush Limbaugh and conservatives can get behind.

Reason Number Four: BECAUSE hungry children grow into insecure adults. It baffles the imagination to think what kinds of adults the fact that America has 31 million children experiencing, so far, 6 years of hunger is going to produce.

Reason Number Five: BECAUSE we learned during World War II that malnourished people make punk soldiers. You can’t run, shoot or jump if you have not eaten in months.

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