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The Great and Potent Idea!

April 23, 2013


Words by Lead Coordinator, Kokayi Nosakhere

Mainstream society, through movies and cable programming, provides the average American citizen an abundance of poor mental food. Across an “artificial mental” screen, images of human forms having human experiences are portrayed. Some of these “stories” are real. Others are not. The fact that movie and cable programming producers tell their audiences that the stories are real or fiction does not change the quality of the mental food.

The effect is the same. The average American is still consuming low quality mental food, by simply doing nothing different with their brains when they sit down and “watch” the screen than when navigating real life.

The second exercise this series shared with you was designed to help you recognize how low quality this mental food is. By observing the conversational content of your co-workers, hopefully, you became aware of the dominating “ideas” or “thoughts” of mainstream society. The purpose of these thoughts is to maintain the animal desires necessary to maintain human existence, not foster human development. Distracted by such mental food, men and women are wandering through Creation like zombies, completely unaware of who and what they are.

By engaging in the first exercise, which is to shower yourself with love, you begin to wake up. Instead of seeking an outside source for your love and attention, it is beginning to well up from within. Love is the creative vibration of the Universe. Through cultivation of internal Love, the human animal is transformed into the human being.

As a human being, you are more than worthy of life, liberty and happiness itself, not just the pursuit of happiness.

By listening to the conversations of those around you, you learn the “source” of the “brain chatter” that fills the “silence” between your ears when little to no stimulus is coming in.

This happens on the walk home. Or when you get mad and separate yourself from human company. Or during the brief moments before you go to sleep, when it is said your mind is racing.

This “brain chatter” is a distraction. It prevents you from accessing your mind and using your brain in a manner which helps to cultivate your humanity. As an animal seeking the fulfillment of your most base desires, you “act” like the batteries the machine uses humans for in the Matrix movies.

As you move towards the usage of E + R = O, you begin to take some conscious control over yourSELF. You begin choosing how you React to the Events in your Life to create the Outcomes that you want. This leads you into greater and greater appreciation of the Law of Cause and Effect.

Reading cultivates mental concentration and expands the ability of the mind to use the brain for creative purposes. Inside the workshop of the imagination, the mind is able to arrange and re-arrange matter into different forms and visualize complex concepts, such as “consciousness” and “divinity.”

The discipline of practicing all this leads you to reject the expectations of Mainstream society to remain at the animal level consuming low quality mental food. Such awareness of who and what you are makes you unfit to be a “tool” of the system and also its “slave”.

Now, you are ready for the most potent idea to grace the human mind in the West in 500 years. Just like everything shared so far in this series, the next idea is not “new”. It did not arise from the Lead Coordinator. It is simply being shared here for your benefit.

That potent idea is this: there is no mystery god!

This ends the FIRST SERIES of Thought. We will begin an new series on Friday, April 26,2013. Stay tuned for additional blog posts that inform you about how to address child hunger in America.

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