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July 25, 2013

Writing for charity and good cause

Inspired by the ‘LBL UK‘-campaign. Just think about it!

The sun is burning down onto the desert sands around me. My mom and I are on our way to get some water for the people in our village. It’s a long way to our well, but at least it isn’t dry yet.
Last year it was different. There were days, when we couldn’t get any water from the well and had to walk further to get some. It is hard work to get it, I really have to carry heavy. But that’s ok, I know we need it. There are villages in our neighbourhood, that have a far worse water supply.
My mom walks through the grassy steppe, that lies ahead. I follow her, carrying my small water container in my hands.
As we arrive, I feel hungry. I haven’t had anything to eat since yesterday. For me…

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