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The Three Kinds of “We the People” or Why Apathy Dominates in America

August 6, 2013
Occupy the Sidewalk!!!

Occupy the Sidewalk!!!

It’s easy in a politically polarized America to demonize some personalities and lionize others. However, that is rarely true. No one person is fully evil or fully good. Everyone is a mixture, including you! That being said, let’s imagine, for a moment that no person is evil. They are human. Humanity, just like the other states of matter, exists in three forms: solid, liquid and gas or 85%, 10% and 5%.

So, why do things remain the same, even though lots and lots of people can see the problems we are facing? It’s a matter of development my friend.

85% of people operate from the state of instinct. They are attempting to survive, to secure adequate food, clothing and shelter. When denied the freedom, justice and equality necessary to reach the next stage of their development, many appear to act in an erratic, animal-like behavior. One must have access to a certain level of resources to experiment with being human to born themselves out of instinct into intelligence.

Thanks to the labor of the 85%, 10% of the people achieve the state of intelligence. Those given the resources to self-actualize have a difference set of experiences than those who live confined by “fear” choices. Those operating from intelligence cannot intuitively relate to those who struggle daily to secure adequate food, clothing and shelter. The 10% do not live in constant anxiety, thus, they do not understand the stories of those who do. They see drug addicts, who are numbing themselves daily to the stress and strain of poverty. However, because the 10% do not live in poverty, they do not see the poverty the 85% are numbing themselves from.

Consequently, the 10% cannot relate and view the 85% as them would themselves, which is the only reference the 10% possess.

When you own a business, you think in terms of abundance. When you work for a business you think in terms of lack. The polarities of these opposite views causes conflict as the labor of the 85% clashes with the wealth of the 10%.

When the 10% state that the 85% need to be re-educated, the 85% take it as an insult. It “feels” like the 10% want to make the 85% indifferent to suffering, not provide a solution to their suffering. This is not true. The 10% view the 85% as lacking in opportunity to develop from the inside out. They see the 85% lashing out in pain and become afraid of the 85%.

Discussions breakdown over the 85% wanting the pain of their deprivation to end immediately with access to already developed resources. The 10% state that the 85% need to develop resources that they control themselves, otherwise, when the already developed resources expire, the 85% will again be without food, clothing and shelter. Due to the pain the 85% are in, the words of the 10% are interpreted as political tricks, to continue robbing them of their labor and living in luxury.

5% of the population can see what is going on and serve to make communication bridges between the two groups. Such men and women, usually coming from the 10% class, rise above instinct and intelligence into divinity. Their spiritual activity, or passion, is interpreted as “otherworldly” by those who are struggling for food, clothing and shelter (85%) or struggling to not be attacked by those struggling for food, clothing and shelter (10%).

Because the 85% have little access to the intelligent ear of the 10%, the 5% speak for the 85% and appear to the 10% as agents sent to deceive them with popular support.

This causes the 10% to become just as anxious as the 85% and the response by the 10% is to attack the 5% as the source of the conflict. Why? The 10% view the 5% as a traitor and do not understand why everyone appears to be turning on them, as if they are the source of human suffering.

In an attempt to defend themselves the 10% use the arguments of the 85% coming out of the 5%’s mouth. This causes confusion. This confusion leads to the 85% remaining the 85%, the 10% remaining the 10% and the 5% being killed. So, nothing changes. To explain why nothing changes, the term “evil” is used.

Depending on the situation, on any given day the same person can occupy all three positions: 85%, 10% or 5%.

Again, as just explained, there are no evil people, just humans acting from various stages of development experiencing anxiety. And mind you, this analysis is limited by dualistic thinking. In mathematics the equation must balance. Third or fourth options do not exist.

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