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Hunger in the UK: how can the government not take this issue seriously?

August 25, 2013

Owen Fields

Three years into the coalition government’s term and a few startling facts are still arrogantly ignored. According to The Trussell Trust’s figures, there has been an alarmingly sharp increase in the numbers arriving at food banks for aid with an increase of over 460% since 2010-2011. Almost 350,000 people received at least three days emergency food within the last year of which 36.6% were children.

Furthermore, Which? conducted a survey in April that compounds findings that people are struggling to cope. The consumer group found that one in every five households in the UK either dipped into their savings or borrowed money to pay for food. These heart-breaking statistics, coupled with the amount of parents and others that have to skip meals to get by, make for a terrible indictment of the social policy of this government.

So, what is the government’s stance on the issue? Lord Freud, a minister…

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