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On the Edge of Poverty, at the Center of a Debate on Food Stamps (NYT)

September 5, 2013

Trinity Food Project

This recent New York Times piece by Sheryl Gay Stolberg highlights the perilous situation of the many people literally going hungry in America.  ““People have a lot of misimpressions about hunger in America,” said Maura Daly, a Feeding America spokeswoman. “People think it’s associated with homelessness when, in fact, it is working poor families, it’s kids, it’s the disabled.” Hunger is often invisible, she said, and in rural areas it is even more so.”

n.b. You can research food security data yourself using the USDA’s Economic Research Services website (use the menu to look up ‘Food Security in the US’). Particularly relevant to this article is the Supplemental  Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Data System, which essentially maps food stamp activity at the county level: “This resource provides time-series data on State- and county-level estimates of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) participation and benefit levels, combined with area estimates of total…

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