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The Spiritual Restlessness in America is Now Clearly Evident

September 5, 2013


Summary: Humanity is collectively awakening to the dawning of the 21st Century, which is showing us an aspect of ourselves previously dismissed by colonialism.

It will happen. Especially, if you don’t fit in. Marginalization of your personality quickens your spiritual awakening. Why? You are not distracted by participation in popularity contests, sexual exploitation, capitalism or sports-based violence. Isolated, you are forced to go within in order to maintain your sanity.

If you do happen to fit in, spirituality awakening will still happen – just later in life. Due to your many activities of distraction, you will waste valuable Earth time. The attention you receive temporarily fulfills the needs of your ego. Only when your life falls apart will you begin to look within and re-assess your values.

However which way you reach YOUR spiritual awakening, please reach out for the nearest “teaching” that you can understand

I make this statement because, as Americans, we are slowly becoming MORE aware. Within our lifetime, the Internet has united ALL seven billion human beings. We find ourselves in a “new world”, inside a inescapable web of humanity.  What happens to one part of the world directly affects another part of the world – at the speed of the CNN news cycle. This realization is slowly forcing Americans to shift their consciousness away from (our highly marketed) rugged individualism towards oneness.

Currently, you can see this shift in consciousness by mega churches attendees purchaging copies of “The Secret” and other self-help books, like Dr. Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich”. A deep inner searching is going on for practical answers to questions traditional doctrine and dogma don’t provide in the face of the 21st Century.

Some become radicalized and study martial arts or yoga, seeking to rationalize East and West. Others consume pop culture fads such as Ifa (Yoruba people’s religion) priestess Iyanla Vanzant and metaphysician Eckhart Tolle. Their books completely re-imagined the Western spiritual landscape, providing bridges of understanding for people.

Outsiders watching this restlessness see plainly what we see darkly: that our traditional worldview isn’t working. These attempts at reconciliation look like exactly what it is – a search for a way out.

At some point you must make a choice, a critical break, of habit-force within yourself. I can speak so definitively about this spiritual awakening because it was anticipated by our Ancestors. It was communicated by The Zohar, a book of Jewish mysticism written approximately 50 years after Jesus’ execution. It IS communicated by “The Celestine Prophecy“, written by James Redfield in 1993.

The Twentieth Century brought humanity to the height of the scientific revolution that began in the mid-sixteenth century. You are I view the world through the measurement of our five senses. The microscope taught us that viruses and bacteria cause disease. The telescope taught us that the Earth was not the center of the Universe. Such knowledge generated an inferiority complex within the individual human being. We feel our smallness in the face of universal forces that we have no control over.

Religious thinking managed to capture our attention by speaking to that inferiority. Yet, the hold is weakening because of an accidental byproduct of the scientific revolution: education.

Through wide spread education, the reading public has learned that the three Abrahamic religions – Judaism, Christianity and Islam – all communicate the same creed. Since they are the ones most practiced by humanity, it is from them that we are awakening.

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