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“Coincidences” Don’t Exist and Other Mental Breaks with Colonialism

September 12, 2013

20130912-195607.jpgSummary: Mass education was an unforeseen byproduct of the scientific revolution. It permits humanity’s development by stimulating the Knowledge of Self.

Even with the rejection of colonialism, the  education the average American receives informs said person that they  are “special”. In a Universe filled with meteor showers, black holes and  sulfuric atmospheres the odds against human existence are too great to  dismiss our lives as inevitable. If humans, or Life Itself, is  inevitable, we would have neighbors in our own solar system. So far,  all we have found are traces of water.

Atheist Richard Dawkins  made light of the religious concept of coincidence during his  illustrious career. Science reveals that we live in an orderly Universe  based on principles. Chance doesn’t occur. Humanity, with its limited  range of observational senses, may not be able to perceive the full  extent of the “Cause and Effect”-chain reaction, however, that does not  mean that events occur through happenstance.

Personally, I  agree with Dawkins, coincidences don’t exist. We still use the word,  because it is practical. For us, the individual human being,  coincidences do occur. They are crossroads that we experience inside  the “Cause and Effect”-chain reaction.

Dawkins is rebelling  against the idea introduced by colonialism that coincidences are  evidence that our lives have meaning. A religious concept is not needed  to boost the individual’s self-worth. “God” doesn’t need to anoint an  individual personality to affect societal change or inspire insight. The  existence of said personality is anointing enough. Certain conditions  must come into being to produce a Steve Jobs, who completely transforms  technology, or an Albert Einstein, who advances our collective  understanding of the Universe. The fact that such conditions arose is  awe-inspiring enough without using mythical tales of fantasy.

Despite how small we are in the grand scheme of things, we are intrinsically special.

Coincidences create a sense of awe and wonder in our minds. How, we  ask ourselves, did the “Cause and Effect”-chain reaction conspire  to  make the experience we just had happen? And, what is the EFFECT of that  occurrence? What’s going to happen now?

If human existence is  special and nothing is happening by chance, if we begin paying  attention to coincidences won’t their become a sort of guidance  system?

This gives rise to the concept, “God has a plan for  your life.” Again, while we reject the language being used, on many  levels, the idea being transmitted is true.  The restlessness clearly  evident in America begs the question, “If a plan exists, what does that  really make me?” Is the human being an automaton? Are we dealing with  pre-destination? If so, then, does it really matter what I think or  do?

The answer remains that it DOES matter. Every decision made  individually and collectively by humanity affects the “Cause and  Effect”-chain reaction. Otherwise, humanity would not be apart of the  Universe, which IS the chain reaction.

Again, we return to the  intrinsic worth of the human being. We can confidently state that our  actions co-create the Universe. We do not have all power, like an  colonialism-inspired superman, however, the power that we do have is  significant enough for us to value it.

The fact that our  actions possess the power to affect the unfolding of the Universe  inspires us to continue paying attention to coincidences.

We  even find, through experimentation, that if we pay attention to  coincidences that they happen more and more frequently. This is called  listening to the Universe.

For example, a flat tire leads  to a chance encounter with an old co-worker. The co-worker helps with  the flat and states there is an opening at his new job. You attend the  old job where a management change has occurred. You are at odds with the  new boss. He writes you up that very day.

Now you have a  choice to make. Do you remain at this position and adjust to the new  management or do you walk through the new door that just opened? It’s  YOUR choice and it does matter.

In the dynamic manner, those who learn how to read coincidence, appear to those who do not to live in a magical manner. They flow from one moment to the next, putting up little resistance to change. To put up little resistance to change is a mark, in most minds, of spirituality.

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