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Spirituality is an Achievement

September 24, 2013


Summary: In two previous posts, the Lead Coordinator has explored the fact that the spiritual restlessness in America is now clearly evident. Those who are awakening are beginning to recognize that coincidences do not exist. We are co-creating experience, evolving with the Universe.

Early in the 20th Century, certain potent ideas were whispered to sensitive individuals via mail order courses and private lectures. A select group of Americans, still young and brutish, heard Eastern ideas for the first time in language they could understand. The books vibrated with power, attempting to entice their readers out of duality and into the awareness of a unified whole or Oneness.

Because “colonialism” programmed the American mind to view itself as an “individual” and not a part of the human collective, duality is firmly entrenched within it. The Biblical God is communicated to the colonists as an All-Powerful Being completely separate from Creation. “His ways are not our ways” and “His thoughts are not our thoughts.” Like subjects of a kingdom, human beings obeyed the will of God.

The “Christ”-consciousness conception of Oneness was not spoken of loud enough or often enough. So, at the turn of the century when “Christianity” was communicated in the books using Eastern metaphors, it sounded strange to American ears.

“I, an individual human, being possess power? Not social influence, but real power. Meaning, if I do not desire too, I do not have to suffer?” The Western mind wrestled with this concept.

You see, in the West, the emphasis is more on the fact that the Roman government executed Jesus than the nature of His teachings. Empires found the fact that He died being tortured by sadistic politicians and soldiers far more satisfying than the altruism of His Love Ethic. The idea, hammered over and over again with each presentation of the Passion Play, is the purity of Jesus’ virtue did not save him from physical suffering.

Here was a man who could feed 5000 at one time, walk on water and kill a tree with a prayer, yet Caesar – a dictator whom the Jewish people never laid eyes on – could facilitate His death. And moreover, His ministry, never once threatened the existence of the Empire.  To the poor subjects, if the “Son of God”, with all the POWERS He exhibited, was forced to endure the lash of the Roman whip and submit to the legal authority of the Caesar, what relief could they look for?

The Western mind considers this paradox to be a mystery.  God entered the stream of time and space to experience flesh: pain and death. Jesus defeated death, and in doing so conquered the limitations of the flesh. Thus, through this understanding of Christianity the Empire’s subjects can endure the pains inflicted by the Empire in such serenity, the Empire is baffled by their level of passivity. The more pain it metes out, the more joyful the subject becomes.

It does not matter that such doctrine is NOT what Jesus taught the peasants of Judea. Judaism produced a fierce resistance against the Roman Empire. Jesus’ teachings were squarely in the stream of that resistance.

In contrast to colonialism, the books tried to inspire an awareness of the Universe. Gone is the sense of separation, where the individual is caste as a subject forced to endure. No victim stance! Instead, the human being is the highest expression of consciousness within the Universe. Exercises were included to assist the reader or listener to achieve said awareness.  Now, again, because of the programmed colonialist mind-set, the fact that one could access divinity by cultivating states of mind was mind-blowing to the students. The first mental block to overcome was the idea that spiritual abilities were achieved, not bestowed.  Achieved?

Think about it. Where the heaven was Jesus from age 12 to 30? That’s 18 years of specific study. He leaves an intellectual 12-year-old and returns an accomplished magi. Somebody taught Him.

The books, like Charles Haanel’s “Master Key System” and William Walker Atkinson’s “Practical Mental Influence”, presented readers with practical exercises that they could use to develop (so-called) powers. Once the student accepted the philosophy supporting the exercises, the powers flowed.

For example, there is no such thing as coincidence.

I am not going to make a bold statement or promise. By reading this blog series you will not receive the exercises that already exist in the fore mentioned books. Instead, you are going to receive what is needed to empower you to act on behalf of 31 million children.

That will be powerful enough.

And, yes, for acting on their behalf, people are going to call you spiritual. What you do with what you believe will earn you this compliment. It will be achieved because in doing so you show the Empire that the life that you give and the life that you live is more important than any rewards received when that life is over.  But more importantly, you show this to the people by whispering certain potent ideas in your actions.

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