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Let’s Create Jobs

February 2, 2015

Thank you for choosing to read the following words. The purpose of them is to inspire you to address a specific social ill by developing yourself.


Solutions. We need solutions.


The social ill that I propose you focus on is child hunger. I have a five year history addressing child hunger, so I am biased.


However, the solution you can participate in does not hinge on supporting child hunger. You can support addressing any social ill you desire. The solution remains the same. That solution is: create a job.


That is what I am working on.


I found a partner. The Global Block Foundation. We want to grow a capital fund that “grants” out $25,000 to low-come Anchorage residents, who have barriers to credit, bank loans and investors.


We know this to be a need in North Anchorage.


To achieve this goal, we have to organize 3,500 residents, by knocking on one door at a time and making our case.


I believe you can help us. Please begin helping by paying attention.


  1. We will use this blog – as a blog. Not as a news source or an editorial. This is a blog.
  2. We will seek to inspire you by telling you what we are doing and why we are choosing to do it. We would like you to imitate us where you are.
  3. We think we are going to win because this is about feeding children.

Most blogs about addressing social ills are boring. We are going to do our best to not be boring. How? By helping you make money.


How are we going to help you make money?


Pay attention.


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