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Pheed does more than Feed

February 4, 2015

Life Nourishment

pheed14College students occupy themselves with a lot of activities. Studying, sports, traveling, partying but nothing more beneficial to the neighborhood than feeding those in need. Pheed Philadelphia was formed by La Salle students that saw the glaring needs of those living in poverty.

Pheed Philadelphia picks four Philadelphia based soup kitchens to help serve those that are hungry. Six to seven students meet face to face to converse and customize the food however the person wants. A lot of kitchens hand the food off expect the person to leave. If they do stay they’re often unable to sit with their family while they eat.

Pheed’s goal is to avoid the stigma involved with those in need. They’re quick to point out that many people suffering from hunger are employed. 60% of those seeking emergency food assistance are the working poor. Despite the many resources available 1 out of 8 Americans…

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